Big Boy's Tartar Sauce Clone / Copycat

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 2 mins

There is a distinct difference in the sauce used to make Big Boy's Slim Jim sandwich.. the Elias Brother's chain (in the midwest) uses tartar sauce, and Bob's Big Boys out west use a type of 1000-Island.. since moving from Michigan to Florida, I had to figure out how to duplicate that awesome sandwich, and I did it. The key is this tartar sauce, which is kind of silly, because how many ways can you make tartar sauce, lol.. Well one day when I was back in Michigan for a visit, I bought a jar of their famous tartar to bring home with me, and made a simple clone from the ingredients listed on the jar. This is perfect. Now I can have Slim Jims whenever.. Oh! Today was whenever - LOL!!


  1. Combine all, allow flavors to blend several hours.
  2. Note: To make the wonderful Slim Jim sandwich (basically a ham/swiss, but the technique is kind of important, as is the combination of sauce and ingredients) see recipe #246365. Big Boy grills their sandwiches to toast the buns. . I grill them on the George Foreman thing.
Most Helpful

This is the exact recipe, with the exception of the pickle juice, I use lemon juice, that was on the Bob's Big Boy Tartar sauce 40 years ago. I have made it since that time, 40 years plus. It's the best and the only Tartar Sauce that anyone should use, and would use after trying it. Kudos to you steve in FL, thank you for showing the world REAL TARTAR SAUCE.

Juliesmom April 17, 2009

I made this recipe exactly as written with no deviations. I am from Ohio and I love Big boy! Things do taste different on the west coast and I am always super happy when I can duplicate a taste from home. This is a great clone and I have put it to use over the past week- hamburgers, shrimp and calamari. It is a perfect balance of flavors and does not overwhelm delicate seafood.

Brandess October 14, 2008

I made this but omitted the pickle juice as I am not a fan of pickles. I used this sauce with a recipe for the slim jim sandwich on cd kitchens #12797 and it was exactly as the Elias Brothers Slim Jim in Michigan.

mimos January 20, 2011