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Wow! Big Batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies is a very appropriate title for this recipe. I got 151 cookies from the batch using a 1" cookie scoop. Which is great. I was getting tired of making cookies every 1-2 weeks for lunches. A regular batch makes 2-3 dozen. If you figure I lose at least a half dozen and usually a dozen before I can get them into the freezer I needed something that makes more. I am rating this recipe on two things, taste and directions. The good news is the taste is really good. Based on the previous review I doubled the white sugar to 1 1/2 cups. I baked at 350 for 10 minutes and got soft and chewy cookies which is what my family likes. Even when cooled these cookies remain soft. My husband noted they had a "creamier" texture that regular chocolate chip cookies. Really on taste for my family I would have given this 5 stars. That brings me to the directions themself which are not good. First I found the ingredients list out of order and difficult to follow. The directions do not specify what size pudding mix to use, so I used 5 oz boxes. My cookies were fine so I assume that was correct. In addition, no where in the directions does it say where to add the pudding. I ended up sifting it with the flour and baking soda. I was concerned about the lack of salt, but there appears to be enough salt in the pudding to make up for it. Finally, the amount of chocolate chips was a bit confusing the recipe calls for 3 (108) packages of chocolate chips. I used 3 - 12 oz packages of semi sweet chocolate chips. This came to 36 ounces total. I felt the chocolate chip ratio was perfect. 108 oz of chocolate chips would be 9 - 12 oz packages I don't think that would work. Overall I would give a 5 star for the taste and living up to the name, but a 2 star for the directions. Since I could fix the directions and the taste is great I finalized with 4 stars.

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Erindipity January 27, 2008

I think the recipes does not have enough suger. I would add a cup more The tasted low fat or something But They bake up nice.

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mybass02 November 26, 2005
Big Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies