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These turned out great! I added more seasonings because we like things spicy. I added oregano, garlic, hot pepper and some dry Ranch dressing mix along with some shredded cheese. What a good idea to use those frozen rolls. I reheated one in the microwave the next day for 20 seconds and it was delicious. I had plenty left over so I wrapped them individually and put them in freezer bags so I'll have them for my lunch sometime. The fillings would be endless for these little bundles. I defrosted the rolls in the morning for use at dinner that night and they were fine. They are a little time consuming. I suggest you make these up about an hour in advance so they can rise a little and you can clean up the mess before dinner. These would be a great party food, too. Thanks for the recipe.

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luvmybge April 06, 2003

Super Good. I did add extra spices, but other than made it as posted. I will definitely keep these in my list of recipes to repeat.

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Newmsy May 30, 2010

These are simply amazing! Great meal for the whole family and very easy to make. I added lots of Morton's seasoning salt and it tasted heavenly.

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Yummy Twin Mummy October 05, 2009

Mmmmm...reminded me of my grossmutter Oma's haus. I used a homemade sweet bread instead of frozen rolls and added some caraway and garlic to the stuffing to give is some contrast as well. Vielen Dank!

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Irish Fraulein December 13, 2007

My mother used to make these when I was a kid. I have made these for years & my family just loves them. However she used a tsp. of dry mustard & a tblsp of Lee & Perrins to the meat. I have also found that If you use Pilsbury Hot Roll Mix & divide the dough in half when rolling out, it is alot easier. I let them rise after I have put the mixture in. Nice to see that otherr people like these also. Great as a leftover.

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Techguy137 November 03, 2007

Awesome! I love ANY kind of "meat pie" kinda meal. These did NOT let me down. For one person, this prepared a lot of food! I made the recipe as stated...sat 1/3 aside and used precisely as directed...just delicious. To the other 2/3 I added cummin, crushed red pepper and 1/3 C. shredded sharp cheddar...OMG, this tossed this dish into another dimension! Oh, I almost forgot, thinking just a tad of thickener would be good, to this 2/3 I added about 4 Tbsp. instant potato flakes. This did help to make a more workable consistency for adding inside the dough. Well, that prompted me even further. I boiled some potatoes, mashed them up and served some of the burger filling atop...in the fashion of colcannon. Gulp!! Had this tonight for dinner with a bit more cheese topping before I heated it....well, again!....with a side of fresh sliced summer tomatoes(w/sea salt & cracked pepper) I thought I'd wet my pants it was so good! Thinking this was SO MUCH FOOD was folly. None of it will ever make it to the freezer. Today, I bought a bag of the pre-packaged cole slaw mix, more beef, already have onions, and will make another batch tomorrow. LOL...can't wait to see how long that will last! I thought the carrots would be a great addition, and even the great pic looked like it might have had carrot in it. Thanks to other reviewers for some great "dress-up" recommendations. This will be a staple in my house forever!

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DEEP August 04, 2007

Great idea using frozen dinner rolls (I used wheat). I've never used them before. This was like pierogi only way easier (still time consuming, but easy). Tastewise, it had just a bit much onion for me and seemed like a lot of cabbage for the amount of meat, so next time I may only use 1/2 or 3/4. I used LOTS of salt and pepper (1 tbsp each) and next time I would add less salt and pepper and more of other seasonings like garlic and oregano. The shredded cheese suggested by luvmybge also sounds like a nice touch (mozarella or cheddar maybe) and possibly some mushrooms. Thanks for sharing. Will be making again. Update: The leftovers were actually better than the original meal (and it's great that they only take 25 seconds to reheat in the microwave). I gave some to the puppy and she seems to think it's the best people food ever. When it was gone she just stood there staring at her bowl and sniffing like if she sniffed long enough more would magically appear.

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littleturtle November 01, 2006

My school lunchroom used to serve these and boy have I missed them! They are soooo good. They served these with a cheddar cheese sauce to dip in and YUM! The recipe the school gave me is for a large amount and from scratch with yeast... too much trouble. Thanks so much Haleh!

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MommaMac November 08, 2005

This is a ez way to make them and I am sure they are good. I make bread dough. I don't use the whole head of cabage, only about half. I add fresh garlic to the filling mixture. I roll out dough to about 1/4 inch into a round shape add filling fold over and with a fork seal edges and let rise a little before baking. And they are so GOOD!

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Marieee24 November 13, 2003
Bierochen (German Cabbage Burgers)