Recipe by MadCity Dale

BEFORE the FIRST FROST in southern Wisconsin chili from garden ingredients. Cooked by MAdCity Dale at the 32nd annual Monona Chili Cook Off held at Winnequah Park, Monona, Wi. on Saturday morning, October 4, 2014. DARN, DID NOT WIN! Also served at the Nothside Planning Council sponsorship for the Racial Equility Forum on Monday, January 26, 2015 in the Sherman Middle school. 1 of 4 chili's served to 135 plus folks.

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  1. Dice all ingredients.
  2. saute onions.
  3. brown meats.
  4. add peppers tomatoes and tomatoe sauce. sauce.
  5. season with 1/2 of seasoning mixes.
  6. simmer 3hours.
  7. add corn, beans, seasoning and honey.

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