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This is a great "comfort" food. Reminded me of a childhood dish that I can't quite place... Yummy..

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podapo January 25, 2003

And wouldn't it be amazing if we could see where these recipes go as they are handed around? In 1990, a friend sent me a page from a magazine (about country singers,) with some sour dough recipes on it. On the other side of the page was basically the same recipe as this one. The spices have been tweaked, in fact I added a tsp. of dried basil myself. The magazine recipe listed ground elk OR beef....and at that time I had an abundance of elk meat in the freezer. It works well with either. I simmer the meat/tomato mixture in the skillet before layering with the noodles in a 9 x 13 pan. I start with the noodles then the meat, and repeat layers, then top with cheese. This method keeps the noodles from getting crunchy as they bake. People get a nice surprise when they think they're having lasagna when they take their first bite. I'm glad Betty shared the recipe with you. It's just MAH-VELOUS! Thanks for sharing, Kim.

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Breez June 16, 2004

I fixed this for dinner tonight and it was delicious. The only changes I made was I added a little bit more cheese to the top; other than that I didn't change a thing. Definitely a keeper, thanks for posting this.

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carolinafan March 28, 2004

Wow, this dish was too tasty. I had to eyeball how much tomato and sauce to use, and it still turned out great. It's one of my new favorite dishes! Great job Betty Mayfield, whoever you are! :)<br/><br/>EDIT: I first reviewed this recipe back in 2005, and it still remains to be a favorite of ours! But I just remembered a few things I usually change. First, be careful not to overcook the egg noodles.. you want them to be al dente (a little firm still) otherwise they sometimes get too soggy in the casserole, which ruins the texture. Secondly, instead of using tomato sauce, I like to use a cheap can or jar of spaghetti sauce! You can usually find cheap spaghetti sauce for the same price as plain tomato sauce, and it's already seasoned, so it adds a lot of extra yummy flavoring! Lastly, I don't like the look or taste of American cheese, so I usually opt for some grated cheddar cheese on the very top. And I agree with other reviews, I've often found that this casserole tastes even better the next day, after it's had time to sit! So often, I try to make it the night before, and then refrigerate it until the next day... then just reheat in the oven! It always seems to taste better that way, and if you know you're gonna have a hectic afternoon/evening the next day, it's a perfect dish to prepare the night before!!

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Heidi T. March 11, 2014

The first couple bites, I wasn't sure about this one. But, it grew on me. My husband and daughter liked it. I added onion while frying the beef.

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seal angel March 02, 2012

I really liked this. I would make this again and likely to make it to bring next time a friend has a baby. I have two minor problems. First the beef mixture was too soupy, I tried to boil out the excess liquid but needed to get it in the oven.(I used red gold petit diced-perhaps it has more liquid than other brands) Next time I would likely just drain the tomatoes a little.The second thin is I added only one teaspoon of salt thinking I would rather it be not salty enough than too salty and glad I did it would have been way too salty.
I really thin this is a winning recipe Betty Mayfield is the BOMB!

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lexi L September 21, 2011

This was very good and I agree with 16 Paws; it is even better the next day. Had it for breakfast! I did not include the cream cheese. I thought I still had some to use up but didn't. I also used cheddar as that is all I had also. Thanks for a good recipe!

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Toni in Colorado September 16, 2010

We really enjoyed this recipe! I forgot to get the green onions when I was at the store, but this was fantastic without them. The dish reminded me of the best part of baked ziti--where the meat, ricotta cheese, and sauce all come together into a creamy pile of YUM! The sour cream adds a nice tang, which put it a step up from ziti or lasagna. My family and I all agreed that this is something that we'd like to have again. Thanks for a great meal!

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TGirl,RN September 11, 2009

We really liked this recipe. It was sooooo creamy. It was a nice break from lasagna or spaghetti. Thanks for a nice change.

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klantzer December 22, 2007

Good quick meal. I've made something similar before, but this one is much better. Thanks

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akram May 10, 2007
Betty Mayfield's Beef Casserole