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I love this cake but like another reviewer, I will NOT use Cool Whip because it has an awful after taste and if you ever read the ingredients on the bowl, you will realize it is just a bunch of chemicals and NOT food. Whip up some real whipped cream and add a bit of powdered sugar and 2 TBL of softened cream cheese so that it keeps firm longer. It only takes five minutes to do this. You will be glad you made the substitution. And I too, have made it with chocolate cake mix and the results were great. Mrs. Richardson's Carmel Topping is the best Store bought topping I have ever tried.

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chess1bq August 18, 2013

This is also a favorite of mine! AIthough I prefer to use Devil's Food Cake mix and Mrs.Richardson's Carmel Butterscotch topping. I think it is sweet enough without the condensed milk, so, I omitted it, and it was fine. Some hints to try are: Use a straw instead of a wooden spoon to poke the holes and the cake mix won't stick. Also, allow the cake to sit overnight in the fridge with the carmel topping before you add the cool whip and it will be even better! Thanks for the recipe! They loved it at work!

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Jeri Pie February 24, 2010

Awesome! This is the one I was looking for, the one we made back in the 70s, very rich and decadent. I made a homemade chocolate cake instead of using the mix as I didn't have one. I don't think the cake matters, as long as it's chocolate since the toppings are what make this better than sex!

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Essdee December 13, 2011

I used devil's food mix and real whipped cream plopped on top. Very good cake. I would say it serves 15, you really don't want a giant piece of this. I also used another recipe at this site, Cake Mix Extender, which I now use every time I make a cake mix cake for a higher, bigger cake.

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Kasha December 29, 2010

I wasn't sure if I should post a review because I made so many changes. I decided I should because it came out so well and I think you could mix and match using so many combinations and the cake would turn out great. I had odds and ends that I wanted to use up so that was my motivation for the changes I made. I used a butter cake mix, only a half can of sweetened condensed milk, homemade caramel sauce, cool whip and no chopped toffee. I had the toffee, but thought it may be too sweet. The cake turned out delicious. I'm looking forward to trying this technique using a made from scratch cake and real whipped cream. Thanks so much for posting!

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Lucky in Bayview October 13, 2011

I've been making this recipe for over 20 years. Delicious! My boys were little then so their grandmother decided to keep the 'sex' part out of the name. She named it BETTER THAN ROBERT REDFORD CAKE. My boys shortened it to ROBERT REDFORD CAKE. I use any chocolate cake mix. And if course, the sweetened condensed milk! No such thing as being too sweet. I TRY to make it a day ahead to let all the goo seep in, but usually it's gone the same day.

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Cynthia&2 June 10, 2013

I had this cake at a party and immediately had to ask how to make it. That was a while ago, so I had to look for the recipe and I'm so glad I found it! It truly is the best cake I've ever had. Crushed Heath candy bar was used and it's delicious!

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Sarah1977 November 18, 2010

I respect box mix and whip mix as a college student. But, I have to disagree on the flavors of the cake and it's too processed and sweet for my taste buds. The texture is also little on the off-putting side. Finally, on the title few cakes are better than sex but this is nowhere close to a good cake. <br/><br/>P.S: I love my desserts. Sorry I couldn't lie. This cake needs a huge makeover and plastic surgery.

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Pristley October 11, 2013

This cake is so good!! It is also pretty simple to make. I love it and I usually do not like cake!

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nmr1008 October 23, 2012

My mom asked me to track down and make this recipe for her a few months ago and I'm so glad she did! I thought the cake was FANTASTIC and I will definitely make it again! The recipe was easy to follow and seamless. I used Mrs. Richardson's Caramel-Butterscotch topping, which I think (along with the Heath toffee pieces) really pushed it over the edge! Wow! Make sure to allow a lot of time for the sweetened condensed milk to soak into the cake (I even used the back of a spoon after about 20 minutes to kind of thin it out and push some into the holes to speed the process along a bit and make the inside extra moist. =) What can I say, I made it late at night! :)) The cake's extremely rich and it was a little too much so for my hubby, but the rest of us adored it! Thank you so much!!

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CookieMonster2323 July 05, 2008
Better Than Sex Cake