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I rarely review any recipes, just because some recipes are not very memorable or worth the time. I've eaten a lot of Maid Rites in my life, since it was started in Iowa and I've lived here all my life. This recipe comes very close, and I do believe it is even better. The end results were delicious! I did reduce the amount of garlic powder to 1 tsp, a personal preference. Also, used diet rite cola, since the DH is diabetic. After it was finished and tasted, added salt and pepper to taste. However, those are all small changes to the recipe. To get the right consistency in the hamburger (it should be fine and small) cook it on med-low as instructed. If you crank up the heat, the meat will be larger. That's the secret to getting the size of the ground meat correct. Also, some people may say you should drain it, but they don't drain it at the restaurant. I'm adding this to my keep pile of recipes and can not wait to take it to our family reunion. Thank you so much Dale for posting this!

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morelhunter April 26, 2012

I gave you a star for your effort but your recipe is WAY off. My great-grandpa Angell began the maid-rite chain back in the 20's and his motto was to keep it simple. You have a whole lot of ingredients in this list and I can guarantee that coca-cola is not one of them. Thanks though for trying. We really do relish the thought that the original recipe will be passed down from generation to generation and we have a good laugh when people come up with CRAZY recipes.

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MaidRiteQueen January 15, 2013

Never had a Maid Rite but really enjoyed this sandwich. I thought that while the texture is different, the taste reminded me very much of a McDonald's cheeseburger. I'm planning to freeze some in single-serve portions for fast and easy lunches. Yummy!

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Crunchy Numbers May 16, 2012

Never heard of Maid-Rite before, but regardless of that, these sandwiches were deliciously satisfying, & this was another recipe, half of which went to a neighbor couple! Definitely worth making again, for sure! Thanks for sharing it! [made & reviewed for one of my adoptees in this Spring's round of Pick A Chef]

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Sydney Mike March 22, 2012
Better Than Maid-Rite Sandwiches