Better Than Kit Kat Bars

Total Time
15 mins
30 mins

Swim team and 4-H club fund-raisers wouldn't be the same without THESE bars on hand. Cut them B-I-G and let the kids enjoy themselves!

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  1. Line the bottom of a 10x15 cookie sheet with the crackers; set aside.
  2. In a sauce pan over medium heat, add the filling ingredients, stirring to mix.
  3. Turn the heat up to medium-high, bring to a boil, continuing to stir, boiling five minutes.
  4. Pour HALF of the sugar-butter mixture over the crackers, spreading with a spatula.
  5. Add another layer of crackers, and then spread remaining sugar-butter over that.
  6. Melt topping ingredients in the microwave or on stovetop in same saucepan. When melted, spread over last layer in the pan.
  7. Cool for 10 minutes at room temp, then chill in fridge for about 30-45 minutes.
  8. Cut into serving portions.
  9. SUBSTITUTION: This recipe can also be made in a 13x9 pan -- using the same amount of ingredients, to obtain a thicker bar.