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I have made this recipe countless times and it is incredible, let me tell you. This recipe has made me locally famous as the person to bring breakfast treats ANYWHERE (kids activities, work parties, family gatherings, etc.). I have two minor changes to this recipe. I use anywhere from 3/4 to the entire package of vanilla pudding mix in the bread part of the recipe. I also add orange extract and substitute orange juice for the milk used in the frosting. I make this recipe without a bread machine and the dough is slightly sticky to work with, depending on the humidity level. Also, rise times may be quite a bit longer than specified in the recipe, depending on the relative humidity and temperature. Don't be intimidated by that, just be patient because these cinnamon rolls are DEFINITELY worth it. And yes, they are quite a bit better than Cinabon in my opinion - mainly because the bread part of this recipe is slightly sweet, aromatic, and moist, with a tender crumb. It is also the only recipe I've found that doesn't depend on getting a huge bite of the filling in order to be flavorful (which means that in the event you end up with thicker parts of the roll or an end piece isn't such a let down when biting into it.)

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amy.markum October 06, 2006

These are so good! My nephews went crazy for them and they are picky. I am making a double batch for Thanksgiving breakfast. My mom liked them so much she asked me to make some for the nurses who take care of my grandma. Thanks

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JennyJBK November 20, 2013
" Better Than Cinnabon" Cinnamon Rolls