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Convenient comfort food! I have made this dish several times, making small alterations for convenience and to accommodate what I had on hand. It has turned out delicious EVERY time. In place of the chicken breasts, I often use canned chicken, with perhaps not equal, but satisfying results. Rather than boiling the first six ingredients as the recipe states (if using regular chicken breasts), I simply saute the celery, onion and carrot and mix it with the soup, 2 cups of water and some chicken soup base/bouillon in place of actual chicken broth. In place of the self-rising flour, I use 1 c flour, 1/2 tsp salt and 1 1/2 tsp baking powder. I do follow the same basic assembly instructions as the recipe states, but first putting the melted butter in the pan, then the chicken, then the flour and milk mixture, and lastly the soup/vegetable mixture. Thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe, Koechin! I think I'll go make it again right now! Yum!

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AlaskanAmateur February 23, 2011

5 star for taste, but 3 star for the way the recipe is written. I agree with a previous reviewer that this was too confusing. This is how I "rewrote" it...I fried all of the veggies (not in two separate ways) in the butter, then I mixed it with the seasoned salt, cream of chicken soup, and two cups of chicken broth after it was cooked. I fried the chicken separately and sprayed the pan with Pam. I cooked for 35 minutes. The taste was delicious, though the dumplings were a little weird as it was more of a layer of dumpling then regular ones. I would probably make this again, but I would use my directions above vs. the ones written!

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Baking Bunny March 20, 2010

Great easy tasty recipe! I added italian seasonings to the flour mixture before add milk to it. Also I double the about of "dumplings". There is never any leftovers at our house!

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Flipflop302 June 21, 2010

This is a very good and is a great quick fix if you are hungry for chicken and dumplings. N.B. - to those reviewers who said it was soupy and did not form dumplings - you have to use self-rising flour in this recipe, no other flour will work - ALSO - self-rising flour goes stale after a while and will not "rise" if it is stale. If you have had the self-rising flour for more than 6 months (or don't know how long you've had it), it is probably stale, so throw it out and buy new self-rising flour before you try to make this recipe :)

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xtine September 29, 2009

This will be soupy when you place it into the oven, I was skeptical, yet delighted with the results. I am a Southern Lady who knows her chicken and dumplings and this recipe makes a meal filled with comfort and flavor. The first step in making the chicken stock and cooking the chicken really adds a lot of the flavor. I've seen chicken stock sold in cartons like broth in the stores, but I've never tried it. . . . it would save a little time in this preparation. And, yes, use fresh SR Flour or make your own - my dumplings were light as a feather. I followed several reviewers advice and made additional dumpling mixture and increased the stock. And, added a little poulry seasoning and garlic to the vegetable mixture (didn't add green peas). I enjoyed this meal so much, I doubt that I will roll out dumplings again. I don't agree that it tastes like chicken pot pie without the crust and I may add a little more chicken next time, personal preference. Chef Koechin, hats off to you.

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Southern Lady September 30, 2012

One word.......DELICIOUS! I used one cup frozen peas and carrots which i sauteed first..I put the peas & carrots on top of the chicken and then added the flour and milk and then the soup mixture.....I did increase the flour and milk to 1 1/2 cups each because I like alot of dumplings/dough......first time I have ever made a casserole and there was nothing left....one more thing, it taste more like a chicken pot pie than chicken & dumplings, but soooooo good..Thank you for posting!!!!!!!!!

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SweetOlive November 03, 2009

Pretty good! I skipped the butter and spray some olive oil on the dish instead. The "dumplings" stuck to the pan as a result, but were delicious nice and browned. I added some ground pepper. Next time I may add some more spices to give it more kick.

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Andrew Mollmann March 25, 2009

Tasty and was colorful as well with the pretty peas and carrots. You could easily just cook the chicken in a little broth or even water, but the extra veggies gave it some good taste. I just poured those veggies from the chicken stock in with the rest since they still had some life in them. I also just put the baking dish with the butter in the microwave to melt so as not to use another dish. Mine didn't form into any sort of dumpling and next time might make more of the dough since mine was a bit soupy. (But then again chicken and dumplings usually is a little soupy...) Overall, tasty and doesn't take too long to make. Components can be made ahead of time, then assembled right before baking which is what I ended up doing. Looking forward to leftovers tomorrow!

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StacyMD187373 November 08, 2012

Very good! We loved it. I had to cook for longer than stated and was worried that it wouldn't set up with all the liquid, but it turned out great. Thanks for posting.

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Chris from Kansas July 30, 2012

4/2012 had 1/2 rotisserie chicken and fixed a large (for 2) casserole. perhaps my flour was a tad old, but the "biscuits" didn't quite rise -- but provided a left-over meal for a few days -- tasty and easy

Lovely Comfort-Food !! I had 2 BIG rotisserie chicken breasts (left over) and made the rest according to recipe directions. Did not have self-rising flour, so made my own with 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt per cup of flour(according to Google), and it worked just fine. Sprayed the casserole with butter-spray instead of melted butter. Made an enjoyable Monday night supper. Thanks, Chef Koechin.

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NurseJaney April 12, 2012
Better Than Chicken and Dumplings!