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Excellent and authentic! I love the lemon zest and dill in the soup. I put all the carrots in while cooking the broth, then fished out the carrots used in cooking the broth and put them back into the finished soup, because I knew my husband would like the super-soft carrots because that's the way his mother made her matzoh ball soup. I made this using a bunch of chicken backs/necks I had been saving in the freezer, so I didn't have a lot of chicken meat in my soup, but it was still great because the broth was so good, and the matzoh balls were the star. I made the broth the day before and refrigerated so the fat separated and I could remove it easily. Otherwise, I would remove the fat with a gravy separator.

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PamC March 27, 2011

This soup was delicious, spot on with flavour it reminds me of the same style they serve at Jerry's Deli. I did make one adjustment - I used instant Matzo Ball Mix (kosher/passover friendly) which was a timesaver when compared to the method listed in section 2. Definitely will make this again!

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fionas2fabulous February 21, 2010

I served this to my temple for the Passover Seder and everyone commented on how good the broth was! Thank you for the recipe.

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Lunaraven_psi May 22, 2008

This recipe was a big hit in my first experience creating a Passover feast. Having never made soup from scratch before, it was more work than I had expected but WELL worth it. I have made it several times since, each time to rave reviews. The only thing that I do differently is that I add a bit of dill to the matzo balls.

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Y2D February 25, 2008

This reminds of of my non-relative grandmother's matzo ball soup. The smell of this cooking brings back all those great childhood memories! I used chicken, onion, carrots, garlic and celery to make the broth, but didn't add them to the finished soup. The matzo balls are so tender and flavorful! I will make this often!

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Ingy January 14, 2007

I have one word for this soup....really really really good!!! Followed the recipe to the last detail, and strained the broth through cheese cloth at the end for clarity. The broth was delicious with the dill and lemon zest, and it had great body. We adjusted the salt at the end to bring out all the flavors, and....wow. Made the matzo balls using rendered chicken fat augmented with veggie oil, and they turned out flavorful and fluffy. Thanks for sharing this recipe...we will be making it again!

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Desert Mojo June 19, 2012
Better Than Bubbe's Matzo Ball Soup