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The ease of the recipe was fine, easy to put together. I didn't get mint as it's super expensive so used parsley instead. But my main problem was that there was no directions as to how thin to roll the biscuits. I rolled to 1/4 inch the first time and they puffed so much! I even tried one and it could have passed for a regular biscuit that just needed salt! I rolled them MUCH thinner for the next pans. I made a double batch as I am selling them at a bake sale this weekend (we are including animal treats as fun) it barely made it in my standard mixer. If you want crunch then roll to at least an 1/8 of an inch, even less!

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Michawnpita September 08, 2010

These dog treats were very easy to make and were enjoyed by my furry friends! I have 3 pups of various sizes and ages and all loved these treats and wanted more. They did seem to provide at least a temporary breath fix :) - thanks for sharing your recipe!

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loof June 20, 2008
Better Breath Biscuits- for Dogs