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Great Ribs. Had one foil pouch spill in oven. Lots of smoke. Made the second time on charcoal grill. Grilled 3 hrs indirect @ 250 unfoiled. 1 hr foiled and last hr unfoiled with BBQ sauce. Even better than oven method

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Jim K July 10, 2010

First let me say that I always mess up ribs...they always come out as "burnt ends" (the whole thing)...dry, no matter how much sauce you put on it and barely palatable....this time I HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!!!...The is hands down the best recipe I've tried and succeeded at (I'm usually a pretty good cook, according to everyone I've cooked for ... except ribs) I did use Bobby Flay's Brown Sugar Rub (just because I already had rubbed the meat down), cooked the meat in the foil packet (I usually cook in a baking pan covered with foil...the foil wrapped meat definitely makes ALL the difference in the world!!!!) on a baking sheet as directed. After 2 1/2 hours (probably could've taken them out at 2) I removed the meat (as suggested by another reviewer, turned the oven up to 350F), cut open the top of the packet, folded back the foil, drained some of the juice, then put my homemade BBQ sauce on the meat (I live in Austria and don't have the selection of sauce choices like in the states). I baked them for about 30 more minutes turning them once and putting more sauce on them. I took them out, placing them in a heavy covered pot to rest for about 15-20 minutes. The smile on my husband's face said it all with a lot of "mmmm-ing" throughout the meal! I love being able to share some great BBQ with him and my new in-laws (Vienna is NOT a big BBQ town...lol)...Thanks Beth for the great method of cooking. I can't wait to try it on chicken as was mentioned in some of the other reviews.

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dandylicious10 March 16, 2014

I don't eat pork. Period. But my fiance requested pork ribs for our Christmas dinner and I decided to take a change and try this recipe. Being the most finicky eater I've ever seen, his fingers, face, and eyebrows told me all I needed to know. It was a HUGE hit. He said these were the best ribs he's ever had in his life. I didn't have any smoke, so I didn't use any. I was skeptical that they would cook so fast, but they absolutely did. I think the secret is in the foil. Don't use a deep pan. The double foil is all you need. I also did the same thing with beef ribs at the same time, so I could eat something too, and they were phenominal. I soaked them in orange juice overnight and followed suit. I will be making these again. Thanks, Not-2-Sweet!

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WisdomTucker January 26, 2013

I have made this recipe several times - sooooo good - the family loves it. Followed recipe except substituted hickory liquid smoke for salt... just brushed ribs before applying rub.

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CactusAZKaren January 16, 2012

The biggest problem most people have is finding the smoked salt. I have found that the best seasoning for me is "McCormick's GRILL MASTER APPLEWOOD RUB". It has a perfect blend of smoke and spice. If I'm cooking only in the over, I follow the recipe as written. If I'm finishing the ribs on the grill, I shorten the cooking time by 15 minutes. The reason for that is that if you cook for the full time, the ribs are too tender and fall apart easily, and makes it a little harder to transfer them to the grill. Shortening the oven time helps keeping the ribs intact, and the heat from the grill will soften the meat further. For some people, shortening the cooking time might be preferable because it leaves them a little chewy and reduces the steamed meat flavor a little, so that it tastes just like the ribs were slow cooked on a grill for hours. This is a great, easy recipe.

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fladonn June 04, 2015

WOW! These are without a doubt a must make recipe. Too bad that there are only 5 stars to rate them. The suggestion to use smoked paprika was dead on! WOW! We've just moved to Memphis and have been trying to find the best ribs in town.. guess what?? We've found them in our own kitchen!!! WOW! These are simply WICKED GOOD. WOW! Next time we have company I'm going to fire up the grill to finish these off with a little BBQ sauce and I bet there will not be any leftovers! Just follow this very straight forward recipe and you will be the rib master!! Thanks for sharing this top notch recipe. WOW! (Did I mention WOW! ?)

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Centsableone May 03, 2015

Fantastic! I'm not a very good cook, but this was so easy! My husband loved them. I've made them twice. The first time, we bought the ribs fresh from the local meat market. The second time, we bought prepackaged. We could tell the difference. They were still good the second time, but nearly as mouthwatering as the first time. So I highly recommend buying fresh from the meat department. If you follow this recipe and decide you DON'T like the ribs, then you've done something wrong or bought a bad rack of ribs. These are delicious!

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Beth D. February 16, 2015

WOW! I made these tonight and registered for Food.com just so I can write this review. These ribs are AMAZING! I was skeptical that the ribs would be "melt in your mouth" or "fall off the bone" after only 2 - 2 1/2 hours?but they were! They were incredibly tender and flavorful, wow! I even used pre-packaged ribs because they were on sale at Cub Foods. I think the one I used was just over 3 lbs (I followed the recipe for the 4 lbs anyway and it was perfect). I tried some meat before adding the BBQ sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray's Hickory and Brown Sugar) and it was killer even on its own! My boyfriend is a rib snob and he raved about these - win! I can't wait to make these for my parents who love ribs as well?I know they will be super impressed. Thanks so much for the recipe! It's a keeper!

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emhennessey February 04, 2015

Made these today and they are awesome. I''ve never made ribs before and my hubby says they are better than his. I bought pre-seasoned ribs at costco and cooked them just like the recipe. Will be making these again. Thank you for the recipe.

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desertdigz February 01, 2015

I use food.com recipes often but have never written a review before. This time I just had to.. This is the best rib recipe ever! I too placed the tinfoil packet on a cookie sheet and cooked the ribs for 2 hours. I didn't bother to take off the outer sheath from the ribs, it became tender and could be removed with a fork or eaten when the ribs were done. They were wonderfully tender and flavorful . Sweet baby rays is also my favorite sauce. I love the simplicity and easy clean up too! Thank you for this recipe.

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rkfarm May 31, 2014
Beth's Melt in Your Mouth Barbecue Ribs (Oven)