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This method is awesome! For those trying to find the hickory smoked salt, the brand I use is "Spice Islands" they have it some of my local grocery stores, but it is available online too. I cook the ribs 2 hours in the foil packet as suggested, and I place the packet on a cookie sheet (in case of leaks. After two hours I remove them from the oven. I then turn up the oven temp to 350 degrees. I open the foil and roll back the edges to expose the ribs, (watch out for the steam!) and tilt the pan and use a small measuring cup to remove the excess liquid. Then, I slather the meaty side of the ribs with sauce, and return them to oven for 30-45 mins. Just our preference, as the sauce doesn't burn or char and I don't have to watch them so closely. Fabulous ribs, and clean up is so easy!

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rebecca93105_8841379 September 28, 2011

These ribs are absolutely wonderful! Even my picky eater had bbq sauce from ear to ear and a big smile on his face. Just a couple of quick notes. I've made this recipe twice, the first time using a roasting pan to cook the ribs in the oven and the second time I used foil as the recipe calls for and there was a noticeable difference in the ribs. While the roasting pan ribs were really excellent, using the foil took the flavor and tenderness of the ribs to a whole new level. Also, the smoked hickory salt can be made by mixing liquid smoke with sea salt and letting it dry out on a cookie sheet.

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Scout3699 February 09, 2011

Today was the second time I have made these ribs...and they are the BEST and the EASIEST ribs ever! I do not know what bandcphilly did wrong, but even before I put the BBQ sauce and broiled them, they were SO good! I followed the directions exactly, but I did not have any smoked salt, so I just used mesquite liquid smoke rubbed on prior to adding the rub, as suggested in the instructions. Just be careful not to use too much liquid smoke, or it will make it better. Liquid smoke is definitely one of those things, more is NOT better, and a little goes a long way! Again, the best ribs I have ever made, and some of the best I have ever had!

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stephanie.jones May 31, 2011

This is my first attempt at making ribs and I was so surprised at how easy and delicious these were! I baked them in the oven, but finished them on the grill. They were absolutely fall-off-the-bone tender. I also read about an easy way to take the membrane off the ribs that I'd like to share. Just grip one end of the membrane with a dry paper towel and pull towards you. The membrane came off so easily and quickly! I honestly avoided making ribs because I was never sure how to get the membrane off. What have I been missing?! These really are great, though. I'll be making them again VERY soon.

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Beaglemom May 27, 2012

Honestly incredible. Not sure if people will read this due to all of the other raving reviews, but I joined just so I could say how great this was. My boyfriend kept asking all these questions about how I made it to get it so tender and if I really could just leave it in the oven for 2 1/2 hours and do something else. (He clearly wanted to try this recipe himself!!) It was so fast, so easy, and so simple. Not to mention that it only takes a few ingredients. I was however worried about the smoke salt. I literally spent about 20 minutes at my local grocery store (Vons) in the spice aisle looking for it. Sadly they didn't carry it. However, I WAS able to find liquid smoke in the aisle that had BBQ Sauce in it. The cap is very small and I only used about half a capful for both sides combined. It ended up being just the right amount. Seriously though, this recipe is SO great and you will NOT regret making it!!

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kl0ck0 June 26, 2012

These are the best stinkin ribs I've ever eaten. Holy cow! My husband wanted to marry me all over again. Single ladies: you WILL get proposed to should you chose to make these! We couldn't pick up a rib bone without the meat falling off. I used liquid smoke and they turned out great. Addendum: I made these again and they didn't fall off the bone because I bought pre-packaged ribs. Now, they were still incredible, but they had a different texture. Try not to buy the pre-packaged stuff. Find fresh meat from your grocer's meat department.

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Super-Wife November 14, 2008

Thank you sooo much, this recipe is by far the best I've found for ribs, they DO melt in your mouth. I will never make them any other way again!

Update: Tried this tonight with boneless/skinless chicken thighs. They were so tender, falling apart and juicy, wonderful!

Update: I wasn't able to find hickory smoke salt either, but I substitute smoked paprika for the regular to get the smoky part. And I like Bulls Eye original sauce the best on them. Making these again tonight!

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gourmet_girl December 17, 2010

PERFECT RIBS!!!!! This recipe needs nothing. I know it wasn't needed , but I prepped them with the rub the night before and they sat in the fridge until I was ready to cook them about 12 hours later. I'll never again use the "boil first" method because this way produces much more flavorful and moist ribs. So easy and the results blew me away. If you love ribs, then this is the way to go. I know I won't ever have to look for a new recipe after trying this one. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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FoodFromSicily October 05, 2010

Created an account here just to say thanks for a fantastic recipe! Didn't know I could make such delicious ribs at home, and so easily. Thank you!

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frankiesmith October 18, 2010

Absolutely amazing. I brought two racks of these these ribs to a pot luck holiday party tonight, they were gone in minutes. People absolutely loved them. I was quite skeptical as I did not feel there was enough salt in the recipe, there was no moisture added during cooking, and while cooking the house stunk of garlic. Prior to cooking I watched a few youtube videos to get some tips. <br/><br/>I purchased two racks of back ribs from my local butcher, they were pre-packaged from somewhere in Indiana and frozen. Fresh ribs in central Connecticut around Christmastime seem to be reserved for those who own pigs. They thawed in the refrigerator over night. The next day I dried the ribs using paper towels. <br/><br/>I searched for hickory smoke salt to no avail, so I made some myself. Using coarse sea salt and Stubb's Hickory Liquid Smoke, (found at Big Y) mixed it together and then dried it in the oven on a cookie sheet at 200F for 10 minutes. I did add more than the suggested 1 teaspoon to the rub, worked out well. Smoked paprika was what I had in my pantry and that is what went into the rub in lieu of paprika. Using wide heavy duty foil, doubling it and packaging them separately. I allowed the ribs to soak up the rub for an hour in the refrigerator and the into the oven they went. At first I had the racks on two cookie sheets, by the end of the cooking I had put them onto one large cookie sheet. I allowed them to cook for two and a half hours at 300F. Opened them up, they were beautiful, not gray at all. <br/><br/>I allowed them to cool for a few moments and then basted with Sweet Baby Ray's Hickory and Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce and broiled on each side. They went into a serving dish covered with two layers of foil and were driven to the party and reheated in a 300 degree oven for a few minutes. <br/><br/>Thank you for the fantastic recipe. I will never add liquid to my ribs again!

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Nicole C. December 22, 2013
Beth's Melt in Your Mouth Barbecue Ribs (Oven)