Best Turkey in the World - Jamie Oliver.

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Recipe by JinxTheCat

This looked so fab on his Christmas TV special. I am making it for christmas lunch this year, and a few other of the recipes provided. Cannot give a guarantee that it will be as brilliant as it seems, but fingers crossed it is. I'll post the recipe for the stuffing too, but I guess you can use any favourite recipes for stuffing you like if you want to. Make the butter and apply the night before cooking. The amount of butter required will depend on the size of the bird. For a 6 kilo turkey, around 150g-200g is used. approx 30 minutes per kilo on 400 plus 20 minutes at the end. Preparation time based on preparing the butter, spreading it, and packing the turky with stuffing. No refridgeration time, or stuffing prep. Cooking time based on a 5-6 kilo turkey.

Top Review by LightEra

I got this recipe from a chef I represented when I was a public defender, so we know it in my house as "Jailhouse Turkey" (sorry Jamie O.). I've made my turkeys this way ever since, and there is absolutely no comparison to any other way I have roasted them. I always brine my turkey as well; it's well worth the effort. The one other tip he gave me was to preheat the oven to 500F, then turn it down to roasting temperature as soon as you put the bird in the oven. This sears the skin to the bird and seals in the juices like you would not believe. Thanks for posting such a lovely recipe.


  1. For the Butter:.
  2. You need to finely chop the carrots, onion and celery. Chop rosemary and thyme.
  3. Mix into the butter thoroughly.
  4. The Turkey:.
  5. Using a tablespoon, gently seperate the skin from the meat through the cavity up towards the breastbone of the bird.
  6. Once the skin is separated, take half of the flavoured butter and push in between the skin and the meat. Massage so that the butter is evenly distributed.
  7. The other half of the butter is to be smoothed over the outside of the turkey.
  8. Using a skewer or rosemary sprigs, secure the cavity, so that the skin doesn't slide.
  9. Cover in cling film and keep in the refridgerator until ready to be cooked.
  10. Before cooking, chop 2-4 clementines and place in the cavity.
  11. Stuff the neck of the bird with as much stuffing as possible.
  12. Cook the bird on 350 / Gas Mark 4. Time scale is approx 30 minutes per kilo, plus 20 minutes at the end.
  13. For best results, baste the turkey every 45 minutes.
  14. Enjoy.

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