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I liked the look of this as it's basically how I make stir fry anyway. I added some carrots as they weren't listed in the ingredients but were in the method?? I don't know what the other reviewer means by tofu producing water, perhaps tofu is different in Australia because mine was fine and dry after frying. Vegetable oil is not listed as an ingredient either? I used a non stick wok so not as much oil was required but I kept some of the sesame oil and added it at the end for flavour. I also found I needed to increase the ginger, and added a teaspoon of Chinese Five Spice and some dry sherry. With these additions it was outstanding. Cheers!

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Chickee October 05, 2009

This is a good stir fry. Goes together quickly, and easily, and is a great base recipe to add to. The vegetables one can use are really endless. I have mixes made up from my own garden veggies that I used for this, so really just went with the quantity information. For my taste, I would use more of all the spices, which I did do after trying recipe as written. I increased the ginger to 3 tablespoons, and added 1 more garlic clove. I also used 2 tablespoons of sesame oil. As suggested I cut back on the broth - tofu produces some water no matter how much it is drained and squeezed - I did double the other sauce ingredients. I served this over ramen noodles. Yummy! Thanks Deb! Made for Every Day is a Holiday.

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kittycatmom April 28, 2009

I debated what to rate this for a long time. I made it last night for two of my guy friends. I said 4, they said 3; I decided to go with 4 because this is a very versatile recipe - though I think it is a 3 if you prepare it as is. There are some great things about it. First, it is beautiful - very colorful. It is also extremely versatile and adaptable to what you have in your kitchen - it's a stir fry - add what you want! It was also very quick and simple, as well as being quite healthful, especially paired with some brown rice. Now, here are my beefs. The recipe itself could be slightly more detailed. There are a few things (salt, carrots, vegetable oil) that aren't mentioned in the ingredients but are in the instructions. There's no mention of adding the broccoli to the skillet (I added it with the red pepper and carrots - I used 2 carrots) and cooked them for a while before adding the ginger, green onions, onions and red pepper [which is also not mentioned] - I didn't want those more delicate items to burn). My other complaints are due to my (our) personal tastes. I could have used more ginger! I couldn't really taste it in here, but I think it comes out a little bit the second time around (if you have leftovers). Also, I could use a LOT more spice. LOTS MORE. It was a little bland, especially because I wasn't sure how much salt I should add. Finally, the sauce could have been thicker (though I'm pretty sure this was my fault/preference because it did thicken up a good bit, just not as much as I would've liked). Whew, that was a lot. This is a really solid base of a recipe. The broccoli absorbs the sauce well and it is delicious, but it could be a bit bolder. Thanks so much Debbwl!

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Georgiapea March 25, 2009

I made this tonight. I added some fresh summer squash that needed to be used up. I cubed the tofu into small pieces, because my family "doesn't like tofu" and I wanted to make it small enough to soak up the flavor of what it was cooked with but still be big enough that they could pick it out if they chose to do so. Much to my surprise they ate it!! The only complaint was it was a little salty. Next time I will use reduced sodium soy sauce and broth and it should take care of it. I served it over brown rice.

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whtbxrmom September 19, 2015

Made exactly as directed. Liked the combination of ingredients but it just need something else. Next time, and there will be a next time, I think I may add some fire oil with the sesame oil or add a thai pepper. Made for ZWT9 and "The Apron Spring Travelers"

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Maryland Jim August 24, 2013

this is very good . i first had fried tofu at the 88 store in kansas city which is awesome .my tofu didn't turn out that good i need to practice more . i used hot sesame oil so didn't need chili. the tofu did pick up flavors and this was easy once prep was done . good basic stir fry

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Dienia B. March 05, 2012

Yum, used fresh broccoli, white mushrooms because that's what I had. I added carrots too and a little celery. I was going to serve it over rice but was too hungry to wait so ate it on it's own. Thanks! Made for Please Review My Recipe game.

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Sharon123 October 04, 2011
Best Tofu Stir Fry