Best Steak Marinade

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Total Time
20 mins
20 mins

Friends of ours invited us over and made steaks using this marinade. It was SO GOOD! We had to have the recipe. Adding other ingredients to it didn't make it better, at least not for us.

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  1. Marinate steak in sauce with all ingredients combined overnight. Grill.
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I do not give 5 star reviews easily. In fact, I am normally hesitant to even rate something 4 stars. Sometimes I don't even post because I don't want to sound negative. Folks, this stuff is REALLY good. My twin 8 year old girls went nuts for it, and one of them doesn't even love steak. My wife usually doesn't enjoy anything that is even a little sweet when it comes to beef, and she ate seconds, and packed the leftovers for her lunch the next day. And yes, the meat was SUPER tender! You could cut it easily with a butter knife.

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This was absolutely FABULOUS! I was looking for a good marinade for rib eye for a holiday gathering with friends. Even though the steaks ended up charred a bit on one side, my husband took one bite and said it was a keeper. Everyone really liked the flavor and it made the steak really tender. I had to adjust the recipe - I didn't have liquid smoke and I ran out of the balsamic, so just added more honey and worcestershire sauce. This might just be our standard marinade for beef!