Best Spinach Fruit Salad (W/Glazed Almonds)

Total Time
15 mins
5 mins
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  1. Salad & Fruit: Layer salad ingredients onto salad plates, top with cooled Glazed Almonds and serve optionally with Best Raspberry Dressing (Vinaigrette).
  2. Glazed Almonds: Heat a heavy skillet on high heat, add almonds and sprinkle generously with sugar, stirring until sugar melts.
  3. Caution: The molten sugar is very HOT. Transfer nuts to cool completely on a plate.
  4. Break up into pieces.
Most Helpful

Have made this salad many times before but just realized, I have never rated it! Definitely 5 stars. It's a great way to get some fruits & greens in at once! And of course, the glazed almonds are always a hit on their own too!

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This looked so good, I decided to add it to my Christmas menu, and am I glad I did. It was a winner from start to finish. Loved the salad dressing too! I will be making this often. Thanks Sharon! Jenn