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These really are wonderful scones. I added a couple teaspoons of Splenda because I like a little sweetness in scones that I'll be using for brekkie. I also found the dough to wet to knead at first so I waited for about a min and rechecked. It was much better after allowing that little time for the flour to absorb the liquid, however, I still needed a little more flour on the board that the recipe describes. All in all they turned out beautifully (even though I forgot to make the cuts) with the same great crisp thin exterior and a moist incredibly tender and delicious interior. They made a marvelous breakfast with tea and Hazelnut Butter. Thanks Little for a real keeper.

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Annacia February 26, 2010

Mmmm, I had these for breakkie today and they were fabulous! What a great start into the day! They are flaky yet very soft and moist on the inside and have a great crunchy crust. I added in 20 g of sugar for a slight sweetness, which was very nice. Due to diners review I was careful when adding the water/milk, so that my dough wouldnt be too wet. I only needed 3/4 cup in total. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this real treat with us! Ill surely make it again! :) Made and reviewed for Everyday Is A Holiday Tag Game January 2010.

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Lalaloula January 02, 2010

Made these scones for breakfast this morning and served it with fresh fruit and they are wonderful. I had to add some more flour to the batter as it was still too gooey to knead, but with more flour was able to get a nice soft dough. Baked up nice and fluffy on the inside and a good crisp crust. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Made for Newest Tag.

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diner524 November 14, 2009
Best Scones