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okay, i am embarrassed almost to post my review, bcz it is so... well, here goes. Anyway, i am pg and hate cooking right now. I did all my grocery shopping at mach2 with four littles in the van outside, waiting, one of them sick as a dog. I thought i had *two* varities of dijon at home, as well as a German artisanal mustard. Got home, homeschooled, etc - time to make dinner. all i had was French's mustard (you know that stuff all moms have in their fridge for those days when you cave in and feed your children the lovely euphemistically called weinie dogs?) - so.... i used it. No, i didn't wait for my husband to come home and make him go to the grocery store, nor did i pack up my brood. I just closed my eyes, smeared it on and stuffed it in the oven. apart from the scrofulous color, though, i was so relieved to find it was delicious! And the gravy it made was maybe the best ever! (and we make roasts all the time, being in ranch country in the middle of the mad cow crisis here in Canada). Anyway, it gets even worse. Dh took the whole 1/2 roast that was left for his lunch, but i didn't know and was fantasizing about stroganoff all morning (he hates it, so i make it for lunch with the littles!) - when i found it was gone, i was resourceful, cooked up a pound of ground beef, added the leftover gravy and boiled potatos that we had had the night before, and had a delicious albeit somewhat declasse lunch :)

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mamazee January 14, 2004

Just had to drop a note. I made this for the second time last night. We had dinner guest and everyone loved it. I used a eye of round roast. The favor was unforgetable. Loved the topping and the presentation was beautiful. Thanks for posting.

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Jean Montfort November 02, 2003

This was great, a lovely combination of flavors! I used a bottom round roast and it came out nice and tender. Thanks!

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Sharon123 May 07, 2003

Wow!! Loved the simplicity. Prior to a cross-country move, I was emptying the freezer, looking for something easy and elegant to fo with this really quite magnificent 10 pound bone-in rib-eye roast. Wonderful flavor! (I'm not generally a fan of horseradish, but you've changed my mind.) it was difficult to get the mixture to adhere to the meat, even though I had dried it thoroughly. MAybe next time I can get that to work better. And there will be MANY next times! Thanks for this terrific recipe.

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AzArlie July 04, 2009

I served this up the other night for dinner guests. They too gave it five stars. This was definately a keeper. I made mine with Sirloin tip roast. I scored the beast with half inch deep slits spaced about 1 inch apart to hold the goop. Worked out great. I made a gravy with the pan dripping by adding a little wine, kitchen bouquet, and corn starch. I'll be serving this again, for sure!! Thanks

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Chef Booshman June 07, 2006

WOW! COUNTRY LADY WOW! This was without a doubt the best roast I have ever made, even though I didn't have the exact ingredients, it still tasted out of this world. I cooked a 2.5 roast for 80 min. for a lovely rare roast. I had to sub ingredients. I used the following: bold & spicy mustard, horseradish cream, and roasted garlic. Thank you for a new family favourite that we will enjoy for years to come...Kudos

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Baby Kato February 01, 2006

Thanks for sharing, CountryLady, this recipe is a winner. I used a 6 lb eye of round and it was done to juicy perfection in about 2 hrs.The aroma of the rub while cooking will drive you nuts, so be forewarned. Like mamazee,all I had on hand was the regular yellow mustard, so the color was a bit odd, but don't let that stop you from trying this one out.

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MNLisaB March 14, 2004

I tried this coating with an Eye of Round Roast. Added a great flavor and I will use it again. Thank you for posting recipe.

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MJTinNH March 01, 2004

This flavorful coating is delicious. I wasn't sure of the weight on the rib roast I had (we buy from the farm and they only label by cut, not weight). So I "guesstimated" the weight at around 4 pounds. I roasted for about 90 minutes and oooo-boy, it was rare! But I like it that way so no problem. Thanks for a keeper, CL!

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KeyWee December 15, 2003

Possibly the best roast I have ever eaten! Very moist and flavorful. I made this recipe for a friend with severe allergies to garlic and milk so I had to take out the garlic clove & butter but never even missed it. I added some rosemary and fresh ground pepper & salt to the rub and poured beer in the bottom of the pan to add flavor. I threw in some some olive oil coated potatoes and carrots in the bottom of the pan to round out the meal. I will definitely be making this again.

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bdj1979 July 24, 2011
Best Roast Beef