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We managed to beat the critters to our wild muscadines this year, at least to a few pounds of them and decided to try using them for jam. I have to say, in all honesty, this project was... interesting. Other than rhubarb (30+ years ago) this is my first attempt to make jam. As is usual with me, I read through the recipe and as I followed the destructions, I had to change things up a bit as I went. The ingredients remained the same but my processes were slightly different. The lemon I had was not as fresh as I thought it was so the skin was a little tough and the layer of white beneath was nearly non existent. So, I chopped it up and put it in the blender with it's own juice. Worked like a champ. I also had some difficulty getting the grape skins to comply, so I chopped them the best I could in my food processor, simmered them the 10 minutes and stuffed their stubborn little tails in the blender too. After adding a dash of water they ground up nice and fine, looked like baby food. In regards to the cooking time, mine was ready to come out of the pan at 45-50 minutes but it took my cold packer the additional ten minutes to come to a boil so I let 'er ride. The jam has good body and a tangy purple taste. Would be fabulous on any piece of fresh bread with a glop of butter or even pancakes. My husband loves it. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I've saved it and will certainly use it again someday. Kate

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7SlotFever September 18, 2013
Best Muscadine Jam