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I tried the recepie and it is definitely worth while. It's a little funky but for the amount of carbs that's to be expected. I don't see how the author can claim 20 carbs. Just adding up the carbs for the flours and flax seed you get about 47 carbs. This is still very, very low and the recepie works for a low carb diet. I want to try adding a little parmesan and rosemary. You need to try and mask the taste of the Soy Flour.

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rickh15 January 26, 2011

I had problems with this recipe that may be solved with some more specific instructions- basically, my Oster machine has only 8 specific settings for bread, none of which allow me to set it for 2 h and 15 min. Are there suggestions for adapting this recipe for this machine, because the results were not good.

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hungrysoprano October 31, 2010

I love this bread!! my hubby bought me a bread machine a couple of month ago and our new deal is no more store bought bread; BUT, I also don't want to turn us into two little dough boys like I did right before we got married and I went through a big baking phase-lol so this is a fab way to make sure I keep up the deal AND stay somewhat healthy...I have made it 4 times in the past month- I do it vegan w/ energy egg re-placer and earth balance...add a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of whole flax in the mix too for texture...will be trying the chia, olive oil and coconut flours that others suggested as well...and also will try banana as the "butter" sub too- anyhoo- LOVE IT!!- thanks!!! my favorite bread!!!

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free-free June 26, 2010

Couldn't have asked for a better recipe for low carb bread! Made as directed and turned out great. Yes, it's a different soft texture than regular bread but only 2 carbs per serving, that is just amazing! Thanks for posting.:)

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sweetcakes March 02, 2010

Pretty good bread. Easy to make. After several batched, I dropped the egg and doubled the water and still found myself adding a tad more water to get the dough to the right consistency. I used a bread machione to make the dough, let it knock down the first rise and placed the dough in a bread pan for the second rise. The oven baked loaves look beautiful. Let it cool completely before slicing! I can only eat this bread toasted or the spongy texture wierds me out.

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Uncle Eddie October 04, 2009

Finally I can have a Tuna Sandwich instead of just tuna! I too cut the splenda to 8 pkts and added 1 tsp salt. Yes, it is very spongy so today I am going to freeze the loaf before I slice it and, yes, toasting it is the key to diminishing that bizarre spongy texture. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

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wgrolfson1 July 24, 2009

Love it but a little sweet.. I cut it to 8 packets of Splenda and then added 1/2 tsp of salt to balance.. Perfect! This bread saves me from many of cravings. Thanks for the recipe!

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gg549 June 04, 2009

I made this bread in my bread machine last night, and I love it. My husband likes it, too. I am going to try it with some cinnamon and spices to make it a bit sweeter. Try it with butter and carb-free honey to soothe that sweet tooth! I plan to make another loaf to have handy next week. Thinking about it, I might also throw in some Parmesan cheese to make a loaf of cheese bread, too.

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iwrite77 January 17, 2009

Just made this bread, with a few changes. I combined all the wet ingredients including the soft butter, start with water that is comfortably hot. The dry ingredients next, I did make some changes. This is my list of dry ingredients: 2 tablespoons Monk Fruit in the Raw, 1/4 cup golden flax meal, 1/3 cup coconut flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 3/4 cup vital wheat gluten, combine the dry ingredients together, except the yeast. In bread machine I added the wet ingredients first, dry ingredients next, and 1 pkg dry yeast last. Started bread machine on dough setting, watched carefully while it mixed. I realized that it needed slightly more water, it wasn't holding together so I added hot water 1 tablespoon at a time until all ingredients had formed into a dough ball. Left everything to finish mixing and rising in the bread machine. Preheated oven to 350 degrees. Shape dough into a loaf and placed into a small pre-greased bread pan. Baked 30 minutes and cooled 30 minutes. I got 12 nice slices and the carb count for my bread is 26 carbs, 16 fiber, with a net carb count of 11 for the whole loaf. It is slightly spongy but incredibly delicious. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.

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Anonymous April 09, 2015

Omg, I just made this bread tonight in the bread machine and it actually tastes like real bread!! Kind of more like an italian style bread, it's light and airy and the crust was "crusty".....the only thing I changed was I used "golden flaxseed meal" (I think this made the bread lighter in color also), I added a tsp of salt and used the medium setting for the crust....It's a keeper!!

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Melissa P. March 23, 2015
Best Low Carb Bread (Bread Machine)