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I made this with regular vegetable oil along with the egg white, slowly adding the oil through the top of a food processor until it was emulsified and smooth. The result was something with a texture like yogurt. We had it served on kofta with pita and also a little over some veggies. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing. ~Sue

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Sue Lau March 08, 2009

The first time I made this recipe, the garlic was too overpowering and burned as I was eating it. I could also taste garlic for the next three days. The second time I made this, I minced the garlic, threw it in a small saucepan with about a half cup of the oil and put it on the stovetop on low for about two hours to "roast" the garlic. This didn't affect the emulsification process, but it certainly removed the potent garlic burn. So delicious. I may try jarred minced garlic next time in order to bypass the two hour roasting time.

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Anonymous May 20, 2015

This is an absolutely amazing recipe!! I have tried making this garlic sauce SO many times and it always turns out great! I followed the exact recipe with a few minor changes that I read from other reviewers. I first placed the garlic in the food processor and chopped it up, then I added the lemon juice, salt, & egg whites. I let those ingredients blend, then I slowly added the corn oil from the top until I used all 3 cups. It turned out great!

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Chef Nadea August 03, 2014

This is FANTASTIC. Superb! Amazing! Delish! :o) I ended up using egg white because no matter how slowly I drizzled in the oil, it simply would not thicken. But when I did start with the egg white, it thickened immediately, so I only used about one. The only problem would be storage. Because I made it in the blender, I needed to make the whole recipe to give the mass some weight (or it shimmies up the blender sides). But... because I used egg, I didn't think it would store long in the fridge, so I had a ton of garlic sauce I couldn't use. It's my understanding that if you can make this without the eggs, it stores a long time, so I'm going to try the immersion blender technique next time. And, oh, there WILL be a next time! Thanks a bunch, Twissis!

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Sandi (From CA) December 25, 2011

This is fabulous. I use an immersion blender, thus allowing me to use much less of the oil for the same consistency.

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Cooputo June 13, 2011

This was good. I think I'll leave out the egg whites next time. It was a little too fluffy.

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Charmie777 April 27, 2011

I make this too. I am a true GARLIC lover. However, I do NOT put any EGG WHITES. The key is to put the garlic and salt in a food processor, and SLOWLY VERY SLOWLY drizzle the corn oil in....as you drizzle you will notice the garlic to become WHIPPED and not liquidy. As, you finish putting in the corn oil, you add the lemon juice and notice the color of the garlic sauce/dip to be even more WHITE(due to the lemon juice) If this is toooo strong for you..you may add a can of cooked potatoes to the food processor and it will be JUST AS good and whippy too! Enjoy with your favorite meat and CHICKEN!

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dabkeh August 05, 2009

This turned out great...just what I was looking for. I cut the lemon juice back by half, and used maybe 2 cups of vegetable oil (didn't have corn oil) to give it the right consistency for my liking. At first it was a little too lemony, but after just a half an hour the garlic cut the flavour of the lemon and had just the right balance. Thanks so much for posting; can't wait to try this with roasted potatoes and chicken.

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KP in Canada May 18, 2009

You have no idea how happy I was to find this recipe I lived in So Calif all my life and they had wonderful skordalia sauce, I have made every recipe I could find. Some used bread , potato's or almonds nothing worked, this is what I remember it tasting like! It is wonderful thank you so much!

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Chef susan from Sandpoint,Idaho March 10, 2009
Best Lebanese Garlic Sauce (By Kay)