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Great recipe! A double recipe is perfect for a 9 x 13 pan. I sauteed the onion and celery a bit before adding it, and used the monterey jack/colby shredded cheese blend. For noodles, I used the Pennsylvania Dutch thin kluski egg noodles. Don't be afraid to substitute low-fat ingredients -- I used low-fat mayo, skim milk and low-fat cheese, and it still tastes delicious. Thanks for the great recipe!

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debflores August 12, 2009

Made this casserole for supper tonight with a few twists. Added a can of drained peas to casserole and added 2 cups of crushed potato chips mixed with a cup of cheddar cheese to the top for the last 20 minutes of bake time. Excellent! We all loved it. Saved to my recipe box.

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Mar S. January 01, 2013

Oh my goodness. This is the best tuna and noodles I have ever had. I have always just "dumped" ingredients into my casserole. But following this recipe made it wonderful. I think the mayo makes a world of difference. Its rich and creamy. We will use your recipe often, cheap and easy to throw together. Thank you for sharing this yummy dish with us.

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mommyoffour October 01, 2010

This is truly delicious. I used the basic recipe as a guide, omitting the celery ( because I hate it EXCEPT in cold salads like tuna, chicken & shrimp etc). I made it super easy using frozen chopped onion and quickly roasted some mushrooms with butter & sherry. Sherry was my secret ingredient adding it liberally in the casserole mix too. <br/>I made a huge batch, intending to freeze some for later. Needless to say, my husband polished off the casserole, as well as defrosting and eating the entire frozen one too! This all occurred within 24 hours people!<br/>So many tuna noodle casseroles can be dry, the mayonnaise & milk made this one delicious and super moist. Do not omit it. I used seasoned panko and French's crispy onions for the topping- CRAZY GOOD!!!!!<br/>Don't forget frozen peas too.<br/>This is a keeper.

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jcmf April 28, 2014

A more flavorful version of a childhood favorite! My husband liked it and had three servings (although he will eat almost anything) but the one that sealed the deal is our 7 year old who swears she HATES both mayo and tuna - she "hates" it so much she had two servings! LOL I did make a few changes - used cream of celery soup instead of cream of chicken, added sauted garlic along with the onions, added both mozzarella and cheddar to the mixture, a can of baby peas and topped with additional mild cheddar along with the potato chips.

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wifenmompurvis February 10, 2013

Nothing else to say except it is the best tuna noodle casserole ever! Didn't have celery but had cream of celery soup and it worked just fine. Next time I will have fresh celery. Wow! And I am the original lover of this dish. Tastes like my mama made but didn't know what she put in hers, now I know.

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Mundy44 June 03, 2014

Very very good! I did exactly what the recipe states, only added more cheese on top right before setting my baking dish in the oven. The flavor was excellent!!! Will be making this again for sure! Thanks for posting!

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SharonChen May 23, 2014

Best tuna noodle casserole I have ever had. I will make this again for sure

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Christina Benner January 29, 2014

Crazy, crazy good!!!!! I made this in a small casserole dish, added some cayenne pepper instead of reg. pepper, 'cuz I like this spicy & added shredded cheddar cheese on top......and I ate the entire thing! I couldn't stop. And then I made it again the next day! I hate 1/2 of that, & then had it as leftover the following day. Heated it uop in a skillet, & I have to say: It was better the next day! Love this recipe!

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AIC810 December 23, 2013

I've tried tuna casserole recipes where they turn out somewhat dry and nothing to remember. This was SOOO good. So creamy and tasty. Made it exactly as the recipe directed. For user Okra who felt they needed to research 6 oz cooked pasta, it means 6 oz of dry pasta cooked...The only thing I added was a light sprinkling of cheddar cheese and mozzarella on top. My boyfriend was amazed from the very first bite and I was too. Will DEFINITELY be making this again. This made it into the book of the best recipes in our kitchen! Thank you!!

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Alfa Alyssa E. November 12, 2013
Best Ever Tuna Noodle Casserole