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These cookies were pretty good~! I realized that I didn't have enough flour, so I had to use half of every ingredient...I hope that was okay... The cookies turned out kind of bland, but then again, I didn't add any sugar or glaze or anything like that--but I thought they were good just by themselves anyway!

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Sweetie Makie February 11, 2008

I really hate writing bad reviews but I feel I must to save others from wasting their time and money on such a poor quality recipe. The cookues are tasteless and have an almost sponge-like consistency. I had to salvage the dough by adding sugar and milk..still didnt make an improvement. Sorry.

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Renae P. September 24, 2013

All 3 of us do not like these cookies. After making half and realizing no flavor and that it has a very doughy taste I took the last half, divided it into 3's and added brown sugar, powder sugar then carmel bits to the different batches. None were anything I would make again. I tried another cookie this morning to see if maybe the flavor had grown overnight. Nope. I went right to the trash can and spit it out. It was like eating a spoon full of flower. It dried my mouth right out.

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5meowS September 04, 2013

I wish I could rate these higher, but the truth is that if I had made them as stated in the recipe, I don't think we would have ate them at all. And, even with an addition of some dark brown sugar and pecans, my hubby still didn't like them that much - he just thought they were okay, ate only one, and told me he wasn't going to eat any more.

I made half a recipe because I had made some kheer with half a can sweetened condensed milk and so that's how much I had in order to use it up. I tried the dough and, indeed, it was not sweet enough. This is somewhat amazing because I usually cut sugar from cookie recipes, finding them too sweet. However, I ended up using 1/4 cup dark brown organic sugar to sweeten it up. While I thought that the cookies would have been fine without, I also added about 1/4 cup finely chopped pecan.

While I thought they were good, at almost 120 calories per cookie, I can only recommend these if you don't have any other ingredients to make some other dessert. Additionally, if you also take the time to chill and roll out (which I didn't), then I would definitely veto these.

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cynthreab January 21, 2013

They hold their shape nicely but they have no flavor/sweetness. They are very biscuit-like. I will not make them again.

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rharris524 November 29, 2012

Best. Cookie. Ever.

Seriously, I could eat these all day. They're light a fluffy, like a biscuit, but sweet, like... well, a cookie. They're like little flat, sweet biscuits. That I could eat all day. Every day. So good. I can't even be MAD when I'm eating one!... I was trying to make dinner, and I failed. Pretty horribly. And I was upset... Then I picked up one of these.

And I wasn't upset anymore.

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CheddarBiscuit June 01, 2012

I had expected a very sugary sugar cookie, but this recipe makes a cookie that is a little more like a biscuit/cake-like in texture vs cookie. I put a sugar glaze on them, which helped a little to sweeten them up, but mine came out doughy vs crispy or chewy like a cookie. Maybe I did not roll the dough out thin enough? They are good, but just not what I had expected.

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Joat70 September 08, 2011
Best Ever Sweetened Condensed Milk Cookies