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Yum, yum, yum!! Someone keep me away from these little gems! So easy and quick to make, and I love the change to ww flour, too! I did use butter, mostly becase I hate measuring margerine, and I added in 1/2 tsp cinnamon, too. After a small mishap with my golden raisins, I made up the rest with chopped walnuts, which worked out quite well! Thanks, smelly, these are awesome! Made for Veggie Swap 28, November.

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Katzen December 06, 2010

This made two dozen light-textured, sweet oatmeal cookies. Better than most cookies this healthful, and healthier than most this good; but be honest when you count them! It's really easy to eat three or four without a second thought. Would have put raisins in them but didn't have any on hand.

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Lavender Lynn March 01, 2011

These cookies are very, very yummy! They are the perfect oatmeal cookies with a lot of texture and great taste! YUM! I used only 1/4 cup sugar and added in some ground vanilla bean, which was a nice addition. Then I also decreased the butter to 86 g and in place of ordinary raisins I used chocolate covered ones, cause I had them on hand (and I luv chocolate in my oatmeal cookies). SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! All in all I ended up with 34 yummy little morsels, that disappeared very quickly. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this recipe with us, smelly! Ill certainly make it again! Made and reviewed for Veggie Swap #21 April 2010.

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Lalaloula March 29, 2010

Oh my gosh, these cookies are good! I was thinking of adding some nuts to them when I remembered that I had some Hazelnut Butter in the fridge. I just used that for the butter in the cookies, how prefect! These are really quick and simple to make. Made for Veggie Swap.

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Annacia March 02, 2010

Wow what a great recipe smellyvegetarian. I knew that we would like them, just didn't know how much. I have a standing order from neighbors to bring some over whenever I make them. If my dh doesn't hide them first. Possibly one of the best oatmeal cookies ever. I made plain without raisins, excellent oatmeal flavor. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Baby Kato February 09, 2010
Best Ever Oatmeal Cookies--Land O Lakes