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I was JUST about to post this amazing recipe that I saw this morning on the www.cookscountry.com website and VOILA! Here it is. Here's what is said on the website: "Best-Ever Hot Cocoa Mix - Forget about the watery hot cocoa with dehydrated marshmallows you sipped as a kid--our instant hot cocoa recipe is creamy, rich, and big on chocolate flavor. Test Kitchen Discoveries - Nonfat dry milk adds a sweet dairy flavor to the cocoa, especially if you reconstitute the mix with hot milk instead of hot water. Confectioners sugar works best in this recipe--it dissolves quickly and the cornstarch (an ingredient manufacturers add to the sugar to prevent clumping) helps thicken the cocoa. White chocolate provided our cocoa with a soft, creamy texture and pushes the chocolate flavor to new heights." Thanks for posting. :-)

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senseicheryl January 18, 2009

I used coffee creamer and dark chocolate cocoa powder...I was afraid it would be too bitter, so I added a little extra sugar, which was not necessary. It was really sweet, which was totally fine with my 7 yr old. I made with water, because that's how he likes it. This is a keeper!

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909692 December 27, 2009

This is fabulous! My family absolutely loves it. Beats that store bought stuff to pieces! I really love the addition of the white chocolate chips. A very rich, smooth and chocolatey hot chocolate. Thank you! <br/><br/>Cathy

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Hazelruthe November 12, 2014

This was a bit bitter to our tastebuds. It might have been the cocoa I used which was a blend of alkaline (Dutch process) and "normal" cocoa. We found we needed 1 more Tablespoon powdered sugar per serving. It may have something to do with the fact my husband prefers his hot cocoa made with water, and I did omit the salt. I'll try it again with milk (but I've already added extra powdered sugar to the mix). I did like how easily this disolved in the liquid.

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Vyrianna December 13, 2009

Yum yum yum! My boyfriend currently lives in another city for school and I sent him a jar of this mix seeing that finals were coming up and a cold snap was to be expected. He said he really enjoyed it, and even used hot water! I used almond milk&found the hot cocoa absolutely divine. I cheaped out&didn't want to spend the $8 on powdered milk so I used vanilla-caramel coffee creamer instead.

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Barbell Bunny December 08, 2009

Thank you for posting! I was looking for a delicious homemade hot cocoa mix and my search has stopped! Very rich, chocolately and creamy. I didn't have Dutch-process cocoa on hand so I just used Hershey's and it still tasted wonderful. I can't wait to try it with the Dutch-process... the teachers this year are going to love this.

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KMac 01 December 07, 2009

Oh my! This is definitely the best ever!! It tastes just like hot chocolate from the Hema (Netherlands) which has the best Hot cocoa - or Warm Chocomel - that I've come acrossed. I lay in bed last night thinking - what can I give my pa-in-law for Christmas - it's only 2 days away, and I thought of Hot Cocoa mix - I'm so glad that I chose this recipe - it's awesome! THANK YOU! (i will delete all the other hot cocoa mixes b/c i've already found the best :))

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cUte Kitty pUnk December 23, 2008

We had this at a beach bonfire recently, topped with whipped cream. The kids and adults all loved it!

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faa November 17, 2008

This is a fabulous recipe for homemade hot cocoa! I've been eyeballing this recipe for a few months, and had it saved to post from Cook's Illustrated. Then my friend Greg posted it. I've been making it up for holiday gift baskets, and it is DELISH! I went ahead and added the whole 12 oz. package of white chocolate chips, and I found some that were 20% cocoa butter, (The Ghirardelli's are not, much to my surprise.) I found that pulsing a few times, then processing this for a full minute made a very fine mix, you'll see it take on that texture, and there were no visible bits of white chocolate left. I've filled my jars and now daughter says I must make up another batch so we have some at home. Be sure to mix this with hot milk, NOT water! Very nummy! Thanks Greg!

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Chef PotPie December 19, 2007

This is my favorite Hot Chocolate Mix! The white chocolate and the Dutch-processed cocoa is what sets it apart from the others. I made this last year for teacher gifts and kept a batch for ourselves. I orginally got it from Cook's Illstrated, but I am glad to see it posted, everyone should try it!

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Ridgely December 08, 2007
Best Ever Hot Cocoa Mix