Best Ever Chocolate Pie – With Seven Minute Frosting

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READY IN: 1hr 30mins
Recipe by Carols Kitchen

This chocolate pie is topped with 7 minute frosting. So much better than meringue !!! It is amazing. My Keno group ordered chocolate pie at a restaurant and they told us they used 7 minute frosting on top of the pie. I had to try it and it is delicious !!!

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  1. FOR PIE CRUSTS (2 crusts).
  2. Mix flour & salt in mixing bowl.
  3. Using pastry blender, cut in Crisco until pea size.
  4. Add cold water and mix with fork.
  5. Form ball with hands. Don’t over mix.
  6. Roll out on floured pastry sheet.
  7. Bake at 375-400 until golden brown.
  8. FOR PIE FILLING (for 1 pie):.
  9. In large mixing bowl combine sugar, flour and cocoa.
  10. Add milk using wire whip and Mix well.
  11. Cook in microwave for 2 minutes and whip.
  12. Cook in microwave for another minute and whip.
  13. Add beaten eggs and cook for 2 minutes in microwave and whip. (You may need to cook for another minute or two until the right consistency.).
  14. After cooking add butter and vanilla.
  15. Cool for a few minutes and pour into cooked pie shell.
  16. Cover filling with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
  17. When pie is chilled, top with 7 minute frosting (see recipe below).
  18. Use a kitchen torch to brown frosting.
  20. Place all ingredients except vanilla in top of double boiler (not over heat).
  21. Beat 1 minute with electric mixer to blend.
  22. Place over boiling water and cook, beating constantly, till frosting forms stiff peaks, about 7 minutes (don't overcook).
  23. Remove from boiling water. Add vanilla, beat till spreading consistency, 2 minutes.
  24. Spread on chilled chocolate pies. Brown top with cooking torch and serve.

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