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We made this again, but this time using our KitchenAid (the first time was a hand mixer). Both ways are to die for, but I did want to add to the review that using the hand mixer produces a denser cake. I am guessing that because with the KitchenAid, it can whip up the butter/sugar fluffier at a higher speed. Again, both ways make this an over-the-top delicious chocolate cake and it remains our favorite. :) This recipe made it into our Book #231450. 01/06/08 - This was a very simple chocolate cake to make, and I enjoyed making it for Buddha, with that said, the remainder of the review will continue with him remarking on the flavor..... This is the nicest, most wonderful gift my beloved Bird has given me. Thank you for sharing the recipe Annacia. The cake is full of flavor, moist, yet not obviously moist. While this cake is slightly denser than I normally prefer, this recipe gave my palate new sensations and pleasures that I wouldn't change one bit. The icing had the best flavor that this chocoholic has had in a long time. The icing, too, is not as light as I expected, yet perfect. The complementing textures right out of the ice-box is perfect. This cake compels me to eat slower, savoring each taste, texture, and feeling it embodies. While these are only the euphoric emotions of me, I would recommend this to anyone who loves chocolate with this warning: YOU MAY EMBARRASS YOURSELF AS YOU WEEP WITH JOY OVER THE DINING TABLE AS YOU EAT.

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2Bleu March 28, 2009

Great cake recipe! Prepared as written with the exception of the cocoa. I used half cocoa and half special dark cocoa. There was too much frosting for our taste. The cake was very moist and VERY good. Not even sure it needed frosting it was so good. I was confused by the ingredient list for the frosting. I read 7/8 cup powdered sugar but the directions said 4 1/2 cups. One review said this cakewas no better than a boxed cake mix. I could not disagree more.

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Dixie from Kansas August 12, 2013

Since everyone else seems to love this recipe I'll leave off a starred rating. I think it is an easy to make good chocolaty cake but not the "Best-Ever" which is promising a lot. It's not much better than cake mix to me. It may be partially my fault for baking it in a 13x9 glass baking dish and it turned out a little dry. I will say it is MUCH better after sitting in the fridge overnight. I'm not sure I like the sour flavor in the frosting either. Made for the Zaar Stars tag game.

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Engrossed July 22, 2009

Very rich, delicious old-fashioned home-style chocolate cake. Just like you remember from childhood. The only thing wrong with this cake is that it may not make it to the point of assembling, if you keep sneaking tastes of the batter and frosting. Ahem. Good thing the amount of frosting produced is enough to cover a 9-inch two layer cake generously. Ahem.

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Susiecat too January 11, 2008

Excellent recipe!!! My husband and kids loved it! I made a mistake though... I added salt and used salted butter as well... The result was delicious anyway! I will definitely repite this recipe more than once!!! Thanks for sharing!

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Smart L. July 19, 2015

Best chocolate cake & chocolate icing EVER! Took this to a chocoholic's birthday party & EVERYONE was in heaven! Even b-day girl's notoriously picky eater gobbled it down. FTR when Mr. Picky asked me what the icing was made of - I replied "Chocolate" & he nodded & then asked, "What kind of chocolate?" This made me chuckle as I had to use what I had - 1/2 milk chocolate & 1/2 bittersweet - the only stray from the recipe. TRUE ALLSTAR recipe - thanks for posting Annacia

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Buster's friend June 04, 2013

This is a great basic chocolate cake recipe that everyone raves over. Be sure to whip the butter and sugar together for a while (it should look white and fluffy with no traces of the sugar left). I've also found that the time between almost done and overdone is VERY short so keep an eye on it!

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sberry2112 December 05, 2012

My daughter and I made this recipe. She did most of the work so not sure if we made a mistake somewhere but it came out dry. The icing was delicious and used on another recipe for cupcakes.

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angelamarie5613 September 23, 2009

This was very good...maybe not my favorite chocolate cake recipe, but one of the best. Be sure not to overcook your batter! Made for Best of 2008 Cookbook Game!

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breezermom April 10, 2009

Oh my GOODNESS!!!! My DH was in chocolate heaven with this cake!!!! He has asked me to make this for every birthday, holiday and whenever I get an urge to bake! Just wonderful!

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kittycatmom March 18, 2009
Best-Ever Chocolate Cake , Heritage Recipe