Best Deviled Eggs

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

I made these for Christmas and the entire tray was quickly demolished. People chose these over the fancier appetizers and I got compliments all night. They're great for Easter of course, parties, BBQ's picnics etc. There's wiggle room with this recipe depending on your preference & what you have on hand, so play around with it! **NOTE: I like to use medium eggs for a 2-bite finger food but large eggs work fine. I don't recommend larger than that. I buy mine as far in advance as I remember so they peel easily, as fresh eggs are hard to peel. I use Martha Stewart's simple, fool-proof method of boiling the eggs.**

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  1. Slice eggs carefully and remove the yolks into a bowl by gently squeezing the egg. Mash the yolks thoroughly with a fork. ***THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR A SMOOTH FILLING. Do not add any ingredients to the yolks until they're finely pulverized or else you'll end up with lumps.***.
  2. Add remaining ingredients (minus paprika) and mix very well. Taste and adjust ingredients to taste.
  3. Put filling into an icing bag* and pipe the filling into the center of the eggs pulling a little up toward the top of the white for an evenly distributed filling.
  4. Garnish with a light sprinkling of paprika. Refrigerate until use.
  5. * If you don't have an icing bag: take a ziplock bag and cut 3 small slits in one corner with a scissor. Add filling and pipe out of the corner of the bag. (You can also use a small spoon to dollop in the filling if you don't want to get too fancy.).


Most Helpful

Yum. We really enjoyed these eggs to snack on while watching football. There were simple and we liked the flavor that the pickle juice added. Thanks for sharing. Made for What's on the Menu tag.

lazyme November 08, 2015

These were very creamy and flavorful. I used the pickle juice and really enjoyed it. I do think the texture would have been better if I'd used dry mustard instead of prepared, because the filling was a little thin. We really liked the way it tasted. Thanks for posting!

Chocolatl April 26, 2011

I used vinegar instead of pickle juice but I think it would have been better to omit it. I liked the onion in it. It gave a nice taste and texture. Thanks Suzy :) Made for PAC spring 2010

Boomette April 11, 2010

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