Best Darned Scrambled Eggs Ever!

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 3 mins

These are light & fluffy & a knockout on buttered toast! enjoy!

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  1. Salt & pepper to taste, start small, you can always add more. Beat all ingredients until blended, the mixture will be a bit lumpy because of the cream cheese but it all works out. Pour into hot skillet & let sit until the bottom just turns opaque. Stir it all up & continue to stir, cooking until fluffy, remove from heat while still moist but not runny. Mound onto buttered toast. Devour.
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I didn't follow actual cooking instructions. Mine didn't turn out fluffy like the picture and I didn't have whipped cream cheese. I just used the regular cream cheese. The taste was ok. I think I prefer the taste of cheddar cheese instead.

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Yep, the eggs definitely turned out light and fluffy! This is an easy recipe to make and it tasted great. Thanks!