Best Creamed Turkey With Thyme Biscuits

Recipe by SarasotaCook

I love creamed turkey but always hated gravy in it. My mom use to make this and since then I have added a few of my touches. My biscuits is what makes it so good along with the sherry wine that warms up the sauce.

Top Review by Jezski

Me, too, I don't like gravy in creamed chicken or turkey. And I always use sherry in my cream sauces; it does enhance the taste. For a slightly different flavor, Marsala works too. And this is the process I have always used, with the addition of onions and fresh mushrooms to the butter before I add the turkey. Tarragon adds to the flavor. Only thing different: I don't use Bisquick, have my own recipe, Cloud Biscuits, which goes together almost as quickly and they are really really good. Didn't add the cheese though. So, all-in-all, a good recipe and actually a very good lesson in making a cream sauce. Sarasota, thanks for posting . . . Janet

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  1. Sauce -- It in medium size pot, melt the butter and add the chicken until well heated through, 5 or so minutes on medium heat. Add the flour and mix to combine well. Add the milk, sherry, thyme, salt and pepper and stir until well mixed and cook on medium until the sauce becomes thick. Reduce to low while you make the biscuits.
  2. Note: if you like the sauce thicker go a bit shy of the milk or just the opposite you want it thinner or more sauce -- just add more milk.
  3. Biscuits -- Preheat oven to 425 degrees. In a large bowl, add the bisquick, milk, thyme, cheddar and pepper and mix well. On a cookie or baking sheets lined with parchment or sprayed with pam drop spoonfuls of the mix on the pan. I like a couple of spoonfuls per biscuit. Bake for 15-18 minutes until golden brown.
  4. Serving -- Slice in half on your plate and serve the creamed turkey on top. Garnish with fresh parsley. Serve this with a nice green vegetable like broccoli rabe which could be roasted right along with the biscuits. Comfort food doesn't get much better.

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