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I have always boiled my Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner. I tried this tonight and it was awesome! Highly recommended.

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Tasty Tables March 20, 2013

I joined food.com just so I could review this recipe. We LOVE it!!!! I buy a kobe corned beef product from my local grocery, so I use the spices already within the package and cook the roast until tender as can be. The method of cooking the cabbage and potatoes, though, takes it over the top. Combine those with the juices created by the braised cabbage---oh my! My oldest daughter did not want the glaze, so for dinner no glaze the best. For leftovers for me and my brother, I glazed--either way---delicious. I'm making it again tonight. The kitchen smell heavenly. Thank you for passing on the recipe!

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roseygoldmom January 13, 2011

This is by far the best corned beef and cabbage I have ever made! I made it EXACTLY as written and wouldn't change a thing!!! The veggies were outstanding and complimented the corned beef perfectly. The glaze finished this meal to perfection. Thanks for sharing, Cure SMA Mommy....I'm throwing out all my other corned beef recipes.

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Merlot June 17, 2010

I was looking for something different than the standard corn beef and cabbage and this was AWESOME! The glaze is the way to go - sweet and savory! I first used a round tip cut and cooked it for my in laws (and he is very picky but I cook the way I like it and he always eats it up). first time i did close to as written but instead of water used 1 can Guiness and a can of hard cider and 12oz water. baked at 350. everyone loved it. even grandpa cleaned his plate - and he never eats much. The second time I made it, just 4 days later, I used the flat cut and cooked in a slow cooker with 2 cans of Guiness. Much better. will amke it again. easy and delish. Made this a second time - this time in a slow cooker...better than the first! Used all Guiness as the broth cooking base

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Tonycanasta April 04, 2015

Italian family here..made for St. Patty's day. My husband said UGH when I told him what I was making. He said he never likes corned beef because it's always boiled to death and doesn't have good flavor. I took this out of the oven and put it on the table and he couldn't believe how good everything looked and he was even more excited about the taste! He kept going back for seconds and thirds and he said I've never eaten this much corned beef in my life this actually tastes really good! The glaze sends it over the top! Can't wait to use leftovers for corned beef hash! Thanks for a recipe I'll use forever!

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princesspt_7553705 March 17, 2015

I used a 4 pound plus size brisket with the spice packet that came with meat. Sprinkled it with fresh cracked pepper over the top of the brisket, along with chopped garlic all over. Used two cups water and would probably cut that back to one maybe half water half a stout beer. For the vegies I added baby carrots about half a pound and two quartered onions, 6 med to large red potatoes quartered, one head cabbage. Doubled the horseradish sauce and added heaping Tbl of minced garlic. Sprinkled the vegies with a couple table spoonsful of water when I cleaned out the horseradish container. Used my homemade apricot/pineapple jam in glaze. This is probably the best corned beef dinner I have ever fixed and I fix this every year. The only problem I had and it was not the recipes fault is the meat was salty, next time I will rinse it over and over to help remove the salt. I also made a sour cream gravy with meat juice which was good also and just added to the horseradish sauce. This will be fixed again...Thank you for posting Cure SMA momma. Delicious!

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:)Shirl(: March 16, 2009
Best Corned Beef and Cabbage Ever!!!