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I made these to use for Christmas and they are delicious. I was just going to buy them but not at 7.99 for 6. They are very easy to make. I didn't have any parrafin on hand so I just used a little bit of shortening and they turned out great. Thanks for the recipe.

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Shari2 December 10, 2002

My daughter wanted to make Buckeyes for a school book report - these were easy and were the best buckeyes EVER. T

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tabray December 16, 2002

I just want to add a note about using paraffin in any recipe. I use it when I make these yummies too but please be careful if you are grating over the stove, etc. Paraffin is flammable. I've never had any trouble but just be aware and be careful.

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Michele7 October 29, 2002

Not hard to make and worth it for the taste. Like to have them around often. Great for serving at holidays.

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Joanie67 June 24, 2002

Excellent recipe and 2 of the best ingredients in the world...however, I don't know why anyone needs special coating ingredients such as paraffin [ick! barf]...I have been making candies, truffles, florentines and cookies for years using melted good quality chocolate or chocolate chips. You do not need special chocolate...

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BestFriendsStevie November 22, 2009

I give this recipe 5 stars because I love reeces peanut butter cups and this is EXACTLY what that tastes like. (Using milk chocolate morsels of course.) However, I was looking to make something a bit different from the traditional reeces so I added 1 more cup of confectioners sugar as the Jiffy's peanutbutter website suggested. This made it much easier to roll into balls. Before adding the 1 cup, my daughter and I had a lot of difficulty shaping the balls and ended up with slobs of peanut butter all over our hands. We even chilled it a few hours! This tasted perfect too and made it seem like I was making gourmet truffles! I will also use semi-sweet chocolate next time as the milk chocolate was a bit too strong. Thanks for the recipe!

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rachelmunnelly December 18, 2005

I love these...a good friend introduced me to buckeyes and hers has such a creamy center,different recipe,though..These were just as awesome,but I heard paraffin is indigestable,so I used 1 1/2 Tbs. of shortening,melted that and the chocolate chips in the microwave together on a low setting..easy.

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jennyontheblok March 17, 2011

Few tricks: Using Auto-mixer, Kitchen Aid---- 1) Used Teddy, all-natural, unsalted PB and added 2 teaspoons of sea salt to mixture for superb taste, texture, and no other additives. 2) Forming round balls less "sticky" using 4- 5 cups of confectioners sugar. Able to form good and round centers. 3) Found a (6 cup w/ non-stick finish, removable liner) rice cooker was AWESOME for melting wax & chocolate chips. Place in cooker and stir often until all melted. Shut heat off and start dipping. Just reheat when needed to thin the choc. 4) A bamboo skewer makes dipping much easier than toothpick.

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Hologram December 12, 2010

Upon reading the reviews I did opt to use coating chocolate in place of the chocolate chips and paraffin. These were awesome!! I made these for the holiday treat baskets and froze a batch as well. Frozen Buceyes are now a favorite family treat! Thank you for sharing such a great recipe!

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~*Shannanigans*~ March 30, 2009

This is BY FAR the best Buckeyes recipe. The others are cloyingly sweet and they don't add the paraffin, without which the chocolate coating (A) is too thick and (B) never hardens. This is the recipe I remember from my childhood in central Ohio.

AND I made the entire batch of 50 Buckeyes in well under an hour. The other recipes took more time due to dealing with the thick melted chocolate (sans paraffin) and the fact that all the added sugar made the Buckeyes hard to manipulate; they kept falling apart.

Well done! YUMMY!!!!

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AnneInNY December 19, 2012
Best Buckeyes (Peanut Butter and Chocolate Candies)