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I made this for some friends who came for lunch today, and got lots of compliments. I used an older loaf of a crusty sourdough bread that I left out on the counter for a few days. Then, I chopped up a package of turkey bacon, cooked it, and sprinkled it on top of the bread. In the same pan I had cooked the bacon in, I added a little bit of oil and browned half of an onion and a 2 cloves of garlic and sprinkled them on top of the bacon. I topped that with 1 c. cheddar and 1 c. swiss. I also didn't have 2 tsp. of dill so, I only used one, but added 1 tsp. of a 15 ingedient blend no salt mix. I didn't try this...wish I could have...but from the look, the smell, and the compliments, I think I will keep this as my stand by egg bake from now on! P.S. For a tasty treat try ham and chopped asparagus, or roasted red pepper, artichoke heart, spinanch, and goat cheese!

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Cookin'-4-5 March 21, 2009

Megan, you are not boasting when you say, "Best." I've tried many egg bakes and this one tops them all; without reservation I call this the best ever. I'm not a fan of dill in anything but pickles, but this works. Albeit, the shining characteristic of your dish is texture and I would submit that any seasoning or ingredient combinations befitting the preparer's tastebuds would be complimented by the strength of this recipe. This is a keeper and will replace all previous efforts I've found as they sink to the level of mediocrity in comparison. Thank you for posting.

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David S #2 March 03, 2014

Really good and so simple to throw together. I was cooking for some guests that couldn't fathom veggies for breakfast so I made a plain version with just chives sprinkled on top. Was suberb in it's simplicity, but I personally will load it up with veggies next time. Thanks for posting!!!

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Wish I Could Cook August 31, 2010

I used chewy homemade sourdough bread. I'm sure I used more than the equivalent of 8 slices. To compensate, I tossed in 2 more eggs. I was still worried that the bread had absorbed all the liquid and it would come out as milk-toast. I shouldn't have worried. It turned into a perfect egg-bake. It all melds together, even with serious bread like mine. I don't think my guests even noticed there was bread in their eggs, but the bread layer makes it fluffier and lowers the fat content when compared to egg bakes that are mostly egg and cheese. Another plus for this recipe: Good opportunity to empty your veggie bin.

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liz.ruskin March 16, 2010

I had a ton of fresh eggs on hand so I decided to try this out and take it to work. What a great, versatile recipe! My dish is larger than 9x13 so I added 5 more eggs and 1c. milk and it came out great! I used cheddar and mozzarella, mushrooms, and chives. Thanks Megan!

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froti December 15, 2009

This is a great recipe for when you have company and do not want to spend the morning cooking. It tastes great and I have found that using speciaty breads makes it even better. I love the fact that you can alter it with what people like and it turns out great each time.

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Mary Demink December 27, 2006

Made this with gluten free bread, peppers, onions, and spinach. Delicious! Not to mention incredibly easy to feed a crowd.

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chaoticdreams33 September 21, 2016

This is our favorite egg bake now! We served it this morning and everyone loved it! I stuck with the recipe as given, however I fried 14 oz of andouille sausage to include as well. I also reserved 1-2 Tbl of sausage grease and sautéed the orange pepper until skins were slightly charred! It added a wonderful flavor! So, I won't even look for another recipe. This was the best!

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dphieb July 25, 2015

It was absolutely delicious! Very easy too! I was out of dried mustard so I substituted yellow mustard and it was still very, very yummy. I also added some browned pork sausage and used texas toast. We are having our baby this week so I'm going to freeze the extra I made for when family comes to visit our newborn and I know they are going to love it. Thank You From a Very Pregnant Mamma!

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eliza.siemens April 04, 2015

Excellent recipe. Added the chorizo, and mushrooms. Just wish I had made more. Next time I will double the recipe. I can always freeze it!

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david_vollmers May 09, 2011
Best Brunch Egg Bake!