Best Beach Bushwacker

Total Time
3 mins
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There are several versions of this tasty frozen drink, but here's my favorite - how I made them at the ol' Dirty Joe's on Pensacola Beach! They are great to take on a leisurely beach bike ride - beat the heat! Don't worry about the calories, if you drink enough and start dancing to the reggae music, you can work all that off, yea, right!

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  1. Fill the blender with ice, if you have pourers on your bottles, just grab the rum and the kamora and pour equal amounts into the blender.
  2. Then grab the light and dark Creme de Cocoa bottles and do the same.
  3. All this 1 oz stuff like shot glasses is for trainees, tee hee!
  4. We put our coco lopez in a squeeze bottle so that it didn't clump - and you just do a squeeze depending on how coconutty you want it.
  5. Then fill it up with milk until you can see it about a couple inches down in the ice.
  6. Crank up that bar blender and wait until it forms like a wind tunnel and has the consistency of a milkshake.
  7. Pour it into 16 oz styro cups with fat straws. For the big boys and girls, you can top it off with a 151 Rum floater.
  8. Enjoy getting bushwacked! Don't worry about falling, most folks tend to bounce!