Best BBQ Sauce You'll Ever Taste (Southwest)

Total Time
1hr 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 1 hr

Here in Texas, we don't cook with BBQ sauce, but we love it on the side to spoon over our brisket, fajitas, chicken, etc and it has to have a little kick. I've been told over and over again that this is the best BBQ sauce they've ever had and I ought to bottle it. I love to cook, but I don't want to do it for a living--so enjoy it for free.

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  1. Sauté onions, bell peppers, and garlic in butter, just until onions are translucent.
  2. Add chili powder, and dry mustard. Stir to incorporate.
  3. Lower heat and add remaining ingredients. Simmer on low for at least one hour.
  4. Let cool then blend smooth in food processor or use a hand held mixer (a boat motor as Emeril would say).
  5. Put up in mason jars. If you actually "can" the sauce it will keep for a month or so. (There are no preservitives so be careful). If not, use what you need, it will keep in the fridg for a couple of weeks, and you can always give the rest away--your family and friends will love you for it.
  6. Note: Be careful with the habenero peppers. Use gloves or put a plastic baggie over the hand you use to hold the pepper while you slice it up. Use one for medium-hot BBQ sauce, use two for down right hot. If even one is too hot for your taste, substitute a couple of jalapeno peppers.
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FANTASTIC RECIPE!!!! Please do not skip on molasses just because there is also a sugar in the recipe. Those two ingredients have different sweetnes flavor and they need to be together. If you do not have red bell pepper like I did not have it you may add fire roasted pepper from the jar. Worked like a charm. I also did not have the chillie sauce so I added no salt tomatoe sauce and chipoltle chille in adobo sauce. I added a bit more garlicd cut it on cider vinegar and the result was incredible. Must try recipe. It does make a lot but in our household we cook a lot so the storage is not a problem. Thanks for such a great recipe!!

ulana101 December 05, 2009

wow this is some great BBQ sauce, I have been wanted to try this for a while and I finally got to make it and used it with my Delicious Crock Pot Barbecued Pulled Pork I reduced the amounts by half but used 2 heaping tablespoons fresh minced garlic and 1 habanero pepper plus 1 teaspoon crushed chili flakes, my family loves extreme heat, this paired up so well with my pulled pork, soooooo good! thanks for this great recipe Pokey, I will make again for sure!

Kittencal@recipezazz April 03, 2008

I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but the finished sauce came out with a somewhat chalky feel in the mouth. I did not have enough chili sauce, so I used ketchup to make up the difference. I had to use green peppers instead of red, and I used a couple generous tablespoons of chipotle pepper puree for the heat. Other than that, I followed the recipe as written. The flavor was good, but next time I make this, I'll be sure to use the full amount of chili sauce and will only use 2 tablespoons liquid smoke during cooking, and the remaining tablespoon right when it comes off the heat as I expected a smokier flavor than I got. The only thing I can think of that I may have done wrong that gave me the off texture was maybe that I cooked it a few minutes too long or something. I used it to make barbecue beef from leftover pot roast, and it tasted very good. Even so, I think I can do better the next time I make this, especially since you personally recommended this recipe to me a few years back when I asked for a good bbq sauce recipe. When I make it again, I will submit another review.

Two Socks December 03, 2012