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These doughnuts are great! I sent some with my boyfriend when he went to visit a mutual friend and he said they tasted like mini elephant ears! The key to making this recipe work is to ADD VANILLA EXTRACT. I put a little over a teaspoon into the full recipe (36 doughnuts) the second time I made them and the reviews were much better: more moist, better flavor.

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ballantd August 05, 2010

First of all, cake like is exactly right. This is not a doughnut. My friends and I decided to call it a "snikerdoodle snack cake". It's more of a snack/short cake consistency. Done in regular size/medium muffin pans...one recipe yielded alot...so unless you want a whole buch don't double the recipe. Taste was ok but wasn't impressive.

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StrawberryParfait July 31, 2007

this was very easy to make. I used equal instead of the sugar and it came out very good.my family taught it was very delicious.

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marcia bunyak March 02, 2004

I made these today and they were great. I have donut pans so they came out perfect. Just for all the negative comments: THIS IS NOT A YEAST DONUT RECIPE. You will be disappointed if you're expecting that. I love cake donuts so these were perfect for me.

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nik258 May 08, 2016

I can't believe people are actually giving this a bad review because they don't have a donut pan. If you intend to bake donuts, you kinda need one. Anyway, onto the actual recipe. I made some alterations, but overall remained true to the recipe. - Replaced regular flour with cake flour - Added bourbon vanilla extract to taste - Used freshly grated nutmeg Things I would do different next time: - Someone mentioned subbing some of the white sugar for brown sugar. That sounds like an amazing idea. - I might use a second donut pan over the top to give it that crisp, round look on both sides. The tops of my donuts rose a bit and I ended up having to cut out the holes in a lot of them. I also would like to try a heavier topping like a white cream, but I worry that the delicateness caused by the cake flour would cause it to collapse a bit. I still may try though. Overall, these are great. Would recommend.

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Erin H. November 04, 2015

These were great!!! I did add the vanilla extract that a reviewer suggested! They were delicious and I am not some kind of professional chef.

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jsopher September 10, 2015

Excellent texture and flavor! I have a doughnut pan, so .... they end up looking like doughnuts. I did alter the recipe a bit. I took out a quarter cup of flour and put in corn starch instead to mimic cake flour. I baked them in my small upper oven for 15 mins and they were perfectly soft like cake doughnuts. I dipped them in melted butter and shook them in a paper bag with the cinnamon sugar mix. They went fast! My youngest said, "We don't need to buy doughnuts anymore, dad can make them!" One thing I'm thinking might be good is to put another pan over the doughnut pan so they rise into a heated cavity. I like how the pan makes the bottom brown, but the top ends up being lighter (like a cupcake). I suspect if they have a more direct heat source that they rise into, they'll get brown all around. This is, by far the best recipe I've tried.

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Bryn T. June 25, 2015

I was really excited by this recipe because of the 4* rating and really cute picture. Really dissapointed - nothing at all like doughnuts and rather more like an incredibly sweet scone!

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my_dunh March 29, 2015

My son loves doughnuts and wanted me to make them for his birthday. The recipe looked tasty enough, until you get to the direction which do NOT reflection the picture given. Instead of getting the doughnuts with a hole, I got muffins and a bummed kiddo... and I now get to go look for another recipe.

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Elizabeth L. March 17, 2015

These were amazing.

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Rachel N. January 30, 2015
Best Baked Doughnuts Ever