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Your brine is very similar to my own recipe, however this year I'm going to go with yours. I am positive it will be amazing. I wanted to make one comment though about your frying vs. roasting comment. Just for reference I have brined my birds for the past 15 years and I have always roasted them and with maybe one or two exceptions, they have always turned out moist and flat-out delicious. I have even won people over who professed to not like turkey...once they have tried my brined bird quickly sang a new tune. :-) Oh sorry I digress, anyway I usually roasted my turkey, I have my way of doing that so the breast meat is always moist. Anyway I started frying last year along with brining. Brining replaces the need to inject some store-bought marinade inside. I guess you could inject a butter marinade, but when I brine my birds (2) and then fried them - they were THE BEST!!! Granted it wouldn't win any "Healthy Turkey of the Year" awards, but surprisingly the turkey wasn't greasy. The meat wasn't oily, just pure juiciness! Seriously, I was amazed at how similar the turkey was to roasting, except the color was consistently (Beautiful caramel brown) and here weren't little hidden areas that were not browned. That process really sealed in the flavor from my brine effort and produced one of the best, if not THE best turkey I have ever made. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I had to give you 5 stars because I already know you have an amazing brine! Happy Thanksgiving!! :-)

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Robert S. November 24, 2015

I use a VERY similar recipe each year and always have a great bird! I usally marindate for about 48hrs, turing the bird a few times throughout. Keeps a very appley flavor even after cooking and moist-licious!

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SVELTE December 01, 2009
Best Apple Cider Brined Turkey