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this is the best cake ever i made!it is incredible..the most moist one,this butter and brown sugar sauce give it a wonderful taste,,but of course you need to add just 2 tsp of cinnamon and 1tsp ground nutmeg,,but it is awesomeeeeeeee,i cant stop eating it all the time,,do it,,u never regret !

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aa_kority February 25, 2009

Like most others, I love this recipe(with some adjustments)! I've made this a couple times and think I've mastered my alterations. I reduced the oil to 1/2 cup(no replacement with applesauce) and the sugar to 1 2/3 cup. I also added 2 t cinnamon and 1 t pumpkin pie spice. I omit the nuts, just as a personal preference. The glaze topping was delicious!! I poked many holes with a toothpick all over the cake. Before topping the cake, I allowed the glaze and cake to cool about 5 minutes, spread about half of the glaze on, and then waited another 15 minutes before adding the rest. As written, this is probably a 2-3 star recipe. With my adjustments, I rate this a 5! So, I'll average it out for the official rating. :)

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kreitzek October 14, 2014

Not that this cake needs another raving review, but this one made its way to my permanent recipe box, and has been shared with just about everyone I know. I do sub part of the oil with applesauce, and add a little cinnamon.

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ponderosa1 January 25, 2011

Very nice and indeed moist. The glaze is amazing! I would add cinnamon as others have done the next time around, because I felt it was missing a little something.

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Marz #2 May 17, 2010

I followed a few another's option of replacing half the oil with applesauce and I added cinnamon because I love cinnamon with my apples. I overbaked mine just a bit and with less oil you have to be carefull. I didn't follow directions well and added the caramel sauce to a hot cake but it soaked in nicely and tasted great. My family said it needed more sauce, so the next day I made a 2nd batch of sauce to pour over the cake - then is was a bit too sweet. So next time I will bake a few minutes less, let the cake completely cool and add the caramel sauce at the right time. I had some personal flubs with this cake but we all still give it a thumbs up and 5 star!

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DDW October 19, 2008

As is this cake was not very good. I did as many others did and added cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. I didn't have apple juice so I added apple sauce plus a little water. I also substituted 1/2 the oil with more apple sauce. It definetely didn't need the extra oil. I really liked the caramel glaze. I actually think it could have been doubled if you cut back on the sugar in the cake itself. I thought it would have been good with frosting on top of the glaze. (Sauce NOT doubled) So with all of the adjustments I would rate it a "4" but as posted definetely a "2". I can't put my finger on it but it still was missing something. Too bad. I really hoped this would be great. Great idea just not quite there for us.

I really like my cake to be sweet and the sugar 2 c. plus the sauce was just right sweet wise. (It was less sweet than a store bought cake mix plus frosting) I was really hesistant to sub half the oil with applesauce but it worked really well for me. I would never miss it nor woud I have guessed it was gone.

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Roosevelt Mommy March 22, 2012

Yummy! I didn't have any nuts, and added extra apples because I diced too many. It only needed 2 large Granny Smith's, but I put 3 in because I had peeled that many before realizing how much each would yield, but it was good with the extra. Maybe next time I will try adding cinnamon.

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sugarlovinmom September 14, 2010

OH MY!!! What a lovely cake!!! I made it first for a potluck and have since been requested to make it again and again. I have even been asked for the recipe! :) The only thing I do differently is the topping: instead of the sugar topping, I just spread some Dulce de Leche on top while the cake is still warm and then let it cool. The result is a lovely, thin, caramel topping. DELISH!

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Panamanian-Canadian angel December 06, 2009

I think it's best to use granny smith or MacIntosh apples. The cake turned out really well and I look forward to making it again.

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Rachel Pardoe October 12, 2009

I served this to company last weekend and we all enjoyed it. The glaze is very unique and makes the cake, in my opinion. Mine seemed to bake in 10-15 less the time listed so I'll need to keep an eye on it next time.

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Chef Doozer October 07, 2009
Best Apple Cake