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This soup was WONDERFUL. I tried to make it a little more healthy - i used low fat breakfast sausage in place of the chorizo and i baked the meatballs first so that any grease would be eliminated from the soup. I also added a can of black beans, a can of corn and some sliced carrots to the soup when i added the meatballs. I cut corn tortillas with scissors into long strips, sprayed them with olive oil and baked them until really crisp and served on top. Next time i will top with sliced avocado. This soup is even better the next day!

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cindylou52 February 25, 2010

Living in Tucson, it's easy to get an incredible bowl of Albondigas around every corner. I've made it before but wanted to try something new so chose this recipe because it was "the best". The flavor of this soup was amazing and the recipe did NOT disappoint! YUMMY!!! I make soups a lot and this is my new favorite soup recipe. The flavor of the chorizo adds everything to the soup. However, living in Tucson, our Chorizo is quite spicy so my kids couldn't eat the meatballs which was so disappointing for them. They order Albondigas whenever they go out. I may do 3 parts beef and 1 part chorizo next time. The other changes I would make: pre-cook the meatballs in the oven to render the fat. The amount of fat at the top of the soup wasn't pretty and I had to skim for a while. I also put in raw rice (which is what I've done before). It saved time and turned out great. I also added 1/2 cup rice to the broth b/c the kids like extra rice. For the adults: top it off with some diced avocado!! This recipe is a keeper!! Thanks RuizA!

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C2Cooks January 29, 2009

I just made this soup for my family and it was the hit of the evening. I changed the recipe a little to 1lb of beef instead of 1/2lb because the chorizo seemed to be overpowering. However, it came out fantastic! Oh and I put carrots in the soup itself too not just in the meatballs. DELICIOUS!

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rehannapacheco_11683495 February 22, 2011

Last night was my very first attempt at making albondigas and it was the best albondigas I've ever had!!! I followed the recipe for the most part but did make quite a few changes to the ingredients. The biggest change was instead of using cumin (because I ran out) I ended up using allspice as seasoning. I omitted the carrots from the meatballs and added it to the soup instead, which turned out great! I also used garlic powder too. For the vegetables I substituted the zucchini with potato and squash. I didn't have a can of tomatoes so I diced the tomatoes and tossed them in the soup. I got a little creative near the end and cooked italian sausage and shrimp in a separate pan and tossed them in too! Everything took about 1.5 hour but it was worth every minute. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

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Chef Mayhem December 13, 2007

Definitely pretty awesome. I didn't have chorizo so I just used 1 lb ground beef. I also used Uncle Ben's Ready Rice packet (wild rice and long grain) for the rice as I didn't have time to make any. The soup tasted fantastic. Make sure you use LEAN beef, though, because there is no draining here... the fat goes right inside the soup. I had to skim the top of fat after I made it to lighten the grease a bit. Additionally, next time I'll put the cilantro in with the zucchini. If you put it in the soup in the beginning, as specified in this recipe, by the end of cooking it browns/greys out. It would be nice to have that bright shot of green so I'll add it later in the cooking process. Perhaps next time I'll cut in some raw avocado to garnish on top before serving. I think that would be delicious. Thank you RuizA for the great recipe.

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gobruijns April 22, 2008

My local market makes an excellent chorizo, which I used in this recipe. I used 4 cups commercial low-sodium broth which is still too high in sodium and so I used 2 cups of water with it. I added a chopped jalapeno to the broth. I cut off the stems from my bunch of cilantro, rinsed and tied with kitchen twine and added it to the broth - this really adds a lot of flavor. I did try frying the meatballs but won't bother next time - I had hardly any fat come out, so it was just an extra step. I also made my meatballs bigger, ended up with a dozen of them. A great soup for a cold night.

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duonyte March 03, 2012

I used Chorizo or Homemade Mexican Sausage for the chorizo in this recipe. The soup has great flavor. The meatballs I partially baked in the oven and then into the broth mixture to finish cooking. I may use my hand blender before adding the meatballs next time for a smoother soup.

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adopt a greyhound March 18, 2010

the only problem I found with this recipe is that the meat balls were not very firm and fell apart I would recommend browning the meatballs first

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wathis1 January 22, 2010

It is a very good soup, but next time i will dice my tomatoes intead of buying the canned dice tomatoes because of the flavour (i could taste the can flavour). And i will sautee the tomatoes with the onions and a jalapeno pepper for a more mexican flavour before adding the subsequent ingridients. Other than that it was an excellent dish. Thank you for posting it.

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a-rivera December 11, 2009

I've nver had albondigas soup but I know good soup and this is good soup. I used ground turkey instead of ground beef and doubled the amount of meat because we're meat eaters. I baked the meatballs for 20 minutes at 350 degrees to render the fat from the meatballs. Also, I subbed mushrooms for zuchini, as I did not have zuc in the house. Yummy. I made it for the family for dinner while I go to yoga. However, this soup smells so good, I wolfed down a bowl before yoga. Boy, am I doing to be sorry when I am downwarding doggying and the albondigas come back up. But it was worth it. THANK YOU.

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Nado2003 December 07, 2009
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