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I'm so sorry, but this one was just not to our liking. I think perhaps it was the proportions. As my watermelon was HUGE, there was no way I could get 1/4 of it in the blender so I had to guess on how much would be correct. I tried this several ways but just could not get it to be one we would drink. I think the idea is great, I just think more guidance would be good. (What kinds of berries work best, and actual amounts.) Thanks so much for posting a healthy one to try. Sorry it did not work out for us.

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ladypit June 30, 2006

So refreshing! I used fresh strawberries and a splash of milk. I did not use any ice this time, but I can see that being a good option too. Thanks for sharing! ~PAC Spring '10~

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Starrynews April 19, 2010

This is wonderfully refreshing. I really didn't measure any of my ingredients either as Jubes stated. I used both fresh and frozen strawberries and also one frozen banana. A good 1/2 blender full of watermelon and a splash of milk. DH wanted some also and so after blending all together and pouring mine in a tall glass I added a few scoops of vanilla icecream (frozen vanilla yogurt would be great too) to the mix for him. So good and creamy. I didn't add ice, cinnamon or honey. I did put in one packet of splenda to my mix before adding the icecream:-)

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CoffeeB June 19, 2009

*Reviewed for PAC September 07* My daughters both give you 5 stars for this one. We used 1/4 of a small watermelon with fresh strawberries and 1 banana. I dont really think that measurements were required for this smoothie as you can just add your fruits to your own persoanl preferences. My youngest DD (3) was oohing and laughing with delight as we added the fruit to the blender and then poured it into the glasses. Photo also to be posted. A great healthy smoothie and I can see that it would make a great frozen dessert

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**Jubes** September 25, 2007
Berry & Watermelon Smoothie