Berry & Watermelon Smoothie

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

I made this with my children after trying to find something they could help with in the kitchen. They had this for breakfast and made more and more batches until I ran out of watermelon! Can also be frozen for an ice block or sorbet-type dessert

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Blend watermelon into a juice.
  2. Add bananas (use mainly to thicken).
  3. Throw in other ingredients, all according to taste.
  4. Can pour over more ice cubes if desired.
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I'm so sorry, but this one was just not to our liking. I think perhaps it was the proportions. As my watermelon was HUGE, there was no way I could get 1/4 of it in the blender so I had to guess on how much would be correct. I tried this several ways but just could not get it to be one we would drink. I think the idea is great, I just think more guidance would be good. (What kinds of berries work best, and actual amounts.) Thanks so much for posting a healthy one to try. Sorry it did not work out for us.

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So refreshing! I used fresh strawberries and a splash of milk. I did not use any ice this time, but I can see that being a good option too. Thanks for sharing! ~PAC Spring '10~