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I made this a few weeks ago and almost forgot! Its for gifts. The flavor is spot on for chambord.I couldn't taste the vodka at all. I used wild black raspberries from my back yard and about 1 cup of cranberries because thats what I had. They were both frozen btw. I made one mistake and simmered my berries with the sugar and water so had a tough time straining them, huge DUH. Still, it came out great and its clear. Ended up using coffee filters inside a funnel. I bought some pretty frosted bottles at the hombrew store and made up some pretty labels. Of course, I also used it for making truffles and put a shot into a glass of cold soda water, mmmm. Looking forward to making tiramisu with this one!

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Elainia December 19, 2007

This makes a delicious cordial. I made a large batch of it last year and gave bottles of it as holiday presents to people. I'm making it again this year because it went over so well. Very similar to Chambord liquor. I use a blend of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries and instead of vodka I used Everclear diluted with 2 parts water and 1 part alcohol. Vodka has a very slight taste and I wanted to avoid having that in the cordial, but I'm sure it would be just as good. This is fairly time consuming - if you've ever made jelly and extracted juice from fruits you'll be familiar with the process - but well worth it. Delicious in the summertime mixed into iced tea, lemon-lime soda, or any recipe that calls for a liquor like Chambord.

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Pupcake October 05, 2007

Doc , this was great I can't wait to pick berries this summer to make enough to pass the joy around . I used frozen mixed berries from the store and still turned out great . Thanks again congrats on your weightloss :)

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DAKOTAFARMGIRL February 06, 2010

This recipe is great and easy! Love it!

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organikal October 06, 2007
Berry Cordial