Berry Butter

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Total Time
15 mins
30 mins

Delicious raspberry and blackberry flavored butter for use on sweet breads, pancakes, waffles. You can substitute other berries and rather than forming rosettes with a pastry bag, use a butter mold. Extra rosettes or molds can be frozen individually on a cookie sheet, then kept in a covered airtight container in the freezer. Cook time is chill time.

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  1. In a food processor, blend all ingredients except butter until berries are pureed; add butter and process until thoroughly mixed with berries.
  2. Place berry butter in a pastry bag with a star tip; pipe rosettes onto pan lined with waxed or parchment paper; refrigerate until butter sets; serve on cracked ice.
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Really quite wonderful! This has a beautiful color from the berries and an excellent flavor. I used to eat a similar berry butter butter at a breakfast place in my home town - they also made a blueberry lemon version as well as an orange honey flavor. I have been wanting to duplicate their butter for years and have finally succeeded with this recipe. Thanks!

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Mmmmm! So easy, So good. Only one problem, we cant stop eating it! I am getting requests for it from my co-workers for our morning bagels. Thanks!