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High praise from my family for this marinade. I used red wine, fresh cherries, regular brown sugar & marinated three ribeye steaks for 24 hours. It's hard to find a steak recipe that I don't see DH & DS still putting steak sauce or horseradish on, but this marinade was so full of flavor that they didn't need to. I agree with CraftScout's roommate that the flavor would be wonderful on pork as well. With ingredients that are usually on hand anyway, I'll be using this marinade again. Thanks for creating this, NCMS! It was deelish!

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**Tinkerbell** September 03, 2008

I served this yummy sauce over NY strip steak with broccoli and salad. It was highly praised from my roommate (who hates coffee) to my husband (who hates onions, but loved the shallots) to my 2 year old (who kept asking for more "thoss"). My other roommate says that while it is good on steak, and would be lovely on chicken, the sweetness of the sauce would be PERFECT for pork! Thank you for posting.

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CraftScout August 25, 2008

I prepared this with the red wine with London broil and left it to marinade a full 24 hours. The result was a terrific steak that had a thick rich sauce which was well balanced between sweet and tangy. I loved that one could not easily tell the ingredients as the harmonized nicely. I reduced the sauce as suggested and even made steak sandwiches au jus with the leftovers. My one thought after was that a little fresh rosemary or time to add a slight herbal note would have been sublime. Thank you for a great dinner and good luck with the contest.

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justcallmetoni August 23, 2008

Really interesting use of contest ingredients - I never would have thought of a marinade! This one works! I used it on chicken (drumsticks and thighs), which I then proceeded to bake in the oven and served with the marinade cooked to a buttery sauce. I would suggest boiling down the sauce to an almost syrupy consistency (what I did) before whisking in the butter. The marinade gave great flavour and tenderness to the chicken and the sauce was a great complement (and I would have just hated to toss the marinade ;-) ). Good luck, chef!

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evelyn/athens August 22, 2008

This recipe is a winner!! I used red wine and marinated flat iron steaks several hours (tossed everything in a large ziploc baggie before leaving for work) We grilled the steaks and they were fabulous!! I will be using this marinade next for pork :) Good luck in the contest!!

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katie in the UP August 22, 2008
Berry Balsamic Marinade and Sauce