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really good rib recipe. i lowered the cooking temp. and cooked them longer, but just because i was preparing other food. they were falling off the bone tender. and tasted great.

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bratty May 23, 2002

My friends and I had a dim sum party over the weekend and my girlfriend made this one. We used apple juice instead of the sherry and I don't think any flavor was lost at all. These are the perfect little finger food. Thanks for posting

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~Leanne~ April 15, 2004

the aroma when these are cooking are out-of-the-world! i added some 5-spice powder, cause i love it on ribs. i cooked them for total of 50 minutes or so. i did lowered the temp a little at the last 15 minutes. the meat is still a little chewy - just the way i like it. i marinated the ribs for 6 hours, but the taste is not really as 'strong' or intense i expected. maybe i'm just used to very salty food (i'm chinese after all! LOL). thanks bergy, i would definitely do this again, maybe with other cuts/meat - i really love the marinade! i also made your potstickers. :)

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WaterMelon December 29, 2003
Bergy Dim Sum #4 Roasted Spareribs