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What a novel idea to have potatoes in the meatball mix! I used my regular meatball recipe and added the potatoes. I boiled them up in a combination of broth and cranberry sauce, and this was a truly superb appetizer!

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Mirj November 07, 2001

Great meatballs Bergy. Did 2 batches for a shower, they were the hit of the night! While they were still hot, I sprinkled parmesan cheese over them in the serving bowl and carefully turned them over in the bowl and sprinkled the parmesan again. Put some sprigs of fresh parsely around the bowl for garnish and refigerated them. Served them cold with toothpicks. Great appy!! Thanks for posting. UPDATE: When I made the meatballs for the shower, I didn't need the broth, so i put it away in the freezer. Last night, i had left over round steak to use up, so i defrosted the broth , added some carmalized walla walla onion rings half a chopped green bell pepper, a couple of mushrooms and the round steak, (which i had used to carmalize the onions),some oregano, stuck it in the oven for about 25 minutes and served it over garlic mashed potatoes. The meatball broth made an outstanding base for it. BOY!! was it good. A 2nd thank-you Bergy!!

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Derf July 09, 2002

Excellent meatballs, Bergy. I made these ahead of time like you suggested and served them at our Halloween Party. Made things go much smoother. They were delicious. I really like the grated potatoes which I think added to the tenderness. Also, the broth was to die for yummy. I did add just a little flour to thicken up the sauce. Thanks for another great one.

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ratherbeswimmin' October 30, 2002

I made these with a ground beef / ground chicken combo - the sauce was very tasty over garlic mashed potatoes. I will reduce the salt to 2 tsps next time. Thanx Bergy!

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CountryLady July 12, 2003

Excellent meatballs that were full of flavor. Very easy to make and the sauce is awesome. Love the addition of the potatoes. Might add a little minced garlic to the mix next time but other than that would not change a thing. Thanks.

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~Nimz~ April 21, 2007

So quick to make and so deliciously flavoursome, Bergy! I made a double quantity so there were plenty to put in my parents’ freezer: lots of easy meals for them! I used very much less salt, and I added six cloves (to my double portion) of minced garlic. The allspice was fabulous in these meatballs. And not a spice I would ever have thought to use in meatballs. I loved the grated potato too, though I have used that before in meatball and meatloaf recipes. And that put me in mind to use some grated carrot as well, so I added just two grated baby carrots (to my double portion). They added some sweetness which blended really well with the other flavours, so next time I make these I think I’ll add slightly less potato and slightly more carrot. I was a little nervous not adding an egg to the meatball mixture but decided to trust the recipe (who was I to question it?!), and once the meatballs had been added to the broth they were just fine! Stayed together beautifully! We enjoyed these tonight with a mushroom sauce over noodles. And I’ll be enjoying some tomorrow for lunch in a sandwich, at room temperature, with baby spinach leaves. Since dinner time, I have sampled one meatball at room temperature (for the sake of the reviews: wonderful excuse!) It was fabulous! I’ve made this recipe for Pick a Chef 2006, and feel privileged to have found such a wonderful recipe which I’ll certainly be making again and again! Thank you, Bergy!

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bluemoon downunder May 25, 2006

I pre-made these up to the point stated in the recipe and refrigerated for two and a half days. When I got them back out and finished them for dinner (I thickened the sauce and used it for gravy on potatoes) we were all impressed. I have to say that they were the most filling meatballs I have ever had...was it the potato addition? Thanks so much for another recipe to put in my 'tried and true' folder.

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Caryn Dalton July 15, 2005
Bergie's Best Meatballs