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This recipe is incredible. You can't tell it from the restuarant's version. I took the time to finely mince each vegetable the first time I made it. However, cutting into bigger pieces saves a good bit of time. And running it through the blender will puree it to perfection. I like to serve this on grilled chicken breasts, over steamed carrots and broccoli, and especially on leafy green salads, chef style or Chinese style. I also substituted malt vinegar for the rice vinegar. It is easier to find; a lot of stores do not carry rice vinegar. Bon appetit' KatO

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KatO April 09, 2002

I would give this more stars if possible. It tastes like an extremely close replica to Benihana's ginger salad dressing. Absolutley delicious! The only thing I didn't do was add the celery - not a big fan, and I don't think it changed the flavor much. One thing - I was tempted to add more garlic, but I'm so glad I didn't. The measurements in this are "right on the money." I served this over a bed of baby lettuces, plum tomatoes, & green onions. Day two - served on top of chopped up cucumber. This is going to be made in my house a lot! Thanks Mean!

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Jill77 February 04, 2003

I wanted something different than my usual favorite(creamy french), and this looked intriguing. So I whipped it up in the blender and I am very impressed! The ginger flavor, combined with the other ingredients tastes wonderful with spring greens and carrots! Thanks for a different yummy dressing!

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Sharon123 January 21, 2003

Mixing with a machine always suites me fine. This was good and I like the fact that it can be bottled and kept in the fridge for some time as there really is nothing to spoil in it. Always nice to have home made dressing on hand.

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Tebo September 17, 2002

Very close to the Benihana version. I did have to add about 1 teaspoon more of soy sauce and about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. You don't taste it at all, but it definitely added something that was missing!

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Nurse Amanda June 21, 2010

Outstanding recipe!! Really good, authentic taste, and very easy to make. If you have food processor, don't worry about mincing the vegetables, it's not really necessary and just takes more time. A regular chop will work nicely. I saw that some people left out the celery. I would make a point of including it. It adds subtle flavor and important texture. I also omitted the salt. There's a ton of salt in the soy sauce, and no need for any more. Also, if you don't use rice vinegar regularly, make sure you get the no sodium, no sugar variety. There's a "great for salad" version out there that's loaded with salt and sugar, again, not needed. Oh yeah, and what to do with that extra rice vinegar? It makes a great, light tasting substitute in your favorite salad dressing. Overall, great dressing. Thanks!!

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selski_99 August 19, 2008

Greatly enjoyed this salad dressing...did not add celery or salt, and cut the sugar by 1/3 -- a personal preference -- feel that the dressing would easily carry the full ingredients and be great. Will use frequently! Mahalo nui loa (thanks much) for a wonderful addition to my recipe box.

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Kauaian cook November 17, 2003

I really love good ginger dressing for salads, etc. Tried this recipe recently and found it to be absolutely delicious! I dont cook a real lot because I am a bachlor, however I like to have a few dishes that I can make well, for guests, and girlfriends. I plan to add this dressing to my repertoire. I at first thought it needed more vinegar, and ginger. Tried that, and was quite wrong in my judgement. At first I was going to give this recipe a four star rating because I thought I like Makoto ginger dressing a tad more. However, after useing this recipe a few times, I have changed my mind, I like this one better now! Bravo Mean!

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Bluenote June 03, 2003

This is a wonderful dressing! Due to what I had on hand...I had to sub the peanut oil for extra virgin olive oil and for the celery...I chopped up a few leaves of my maggi plant (it smells and tastes like celery) and used "Soy Sauce Substitute" ...left out the water..used Agave for the sugar and pureed with the stick blender. The result was a creamy, thickish dressing. It was lovely on our salad last night. DH said it is a keeper. Thank you for sharing.

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luvcook'n July 01, 2010

There is this restaraunt that I like to go to called, "Habachi Japan". Their salads are the BEST I have ever had. This dressing is almost EXACTLY like the dressing on their salads, it was GREAT!!! I think I added about 1/2 tbs. more than this recipe called for, which made it a little spicier than it should be, but even my 2 year old, who BARELY eats, scarfed this salad down!!

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flume027 April 22, 2004
Benihana Ginger Salad Dressing