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After making this the first time, I will definitely try it again. The flavor is fantastic, but I also had issues with it fully freezing. Home freezers at zero degrees, and home ice cream makers are a likely culprit, but still - it's delicious.<br/><br/>My notes:<br/>- 1.5 tbsp of lemon juice<br/>- I used merlot<br/>- I will DEFINITELY puree and then strain everything through a fine mesh sieve first. I want to see how a chunk-less/seed-less mixture works. My raspberries froze solid while the rest of the sorbet was softer in consistency. <br/><br/>I did put the whole batch in the freezer to let it stiffen up overnight. Worked OK, but will see how it goes next time.<br/><br/>Still... DELICIOUS.

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A Table Together July 02, 2013

Doesn't work; mixture will not freeze--probably because of the alcohol! Something missing from this recipe.

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bzlassie June 14, 2010
Ben & Jerry' S Raspberry Sorbet